Enduring family businesses cannot rely on history; each new generation must remain active and committed if the firm is to stay...

Nasser Saidi

The Middle East’s New Oil Paradigm

Saudi Aramco’s proposed partial privatisation is the start of much needed GCC reform.
Henrich Greve

How Products Can Climb the Social Ladder

In a few short years, one ambitious fashionista transported grappa from reviled to respectable.
Markus Christen

Why Forcing Market Change Is Good Strategy

Apple is forcing change on the market again and that’s no bad thing.
Avi Turetsky

The Factors That Create Outperforming Stars

A small number of people account for the vast majority of value creation in private equity.
Amitava Chattopadhyay

Growing a Brand in a Stigmatised Industry

The recreational cannabis industry holds lessons for building brands in an industry with negative...
Liri Andersson

Leaders in Digital Merge the Physical and the Virtual

Organisations that treat “virtual” as real are moving ahead.
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Thinking about how you would like to be remembered can be a catalyst for radical change.