Roger Lehman

How Avoidance Destroys Strategic Initiatives

Avoidance is an extremely common response to strategic initiatives that makes executives put off...
Venugopal Gupta

What’s the Story of Your Start-up?

Great stories and great start-ups share similar principles.
Sami Mahroum

Start-Ups: Growth Engines of the Middle East

Despite the Middle East’s pervasive aversion to risk and tribal business culture, online start...
Annet Aris

Are You Next for Digital Disruption?

No industry is safe from the tsunami of digital disruption, but some will be hit sooner than...
Manfred Kets de Vries

Leadership “Harem” Style

When there’s no specific goal or role for its members, and constructive discussion makes way for...
Eduardo Rodriguez-Montemayor

How to Share the Benefits of Technology

An unconditional, universal “citizen’s income” could ensure a fairer distribution of the benefits...
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