Graham Ward

Reflective Leaders Needed for the Age of Rage

When collective emotions gather steam, knee jerk reactions can make a bad situation worse.
Annet Aris

Three Questions Humble Leaders Ask

To avoid falling victim to narcissistic tendencies, leaders need to look outside in more ways...
Douglas Webber

European Union Faces Another Year of Living Dangerously

Beware - the European Union is not set in stone. It can disintegrate.
Manfred Kets de Vries

The Enigma of Trumpmania

The real mystery behind Donald Trump’s political success is not the man himself, but the zealous...
Henrik Bresman

Authentic Liaisons: Creating Bridges across Cultures

A genuine and sincere attitude can break down the most complex of cross-cultural barriers.
Antonio Fatas

Why We Need Facts and Experts

Reasoned economic and scientific debate is sorely lacking in developed countries despite high...
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