Henrich Greve

How Greece Can Unite its People

Divisions and distrust are keeping Greece from bouncing back. Uniting the people for the sake of...
Henrik Bresman

Why Leaders Should Create Meaningful Environments

Organisations that empower and give meaning to their members are not only more dignified but also...
Morten Bennedsen

Exiting the Family Firm – Are You Ready to Make the Break?

Exiting the family firm is perhaps the most difficult decision a family will ever have to take. ...
Michelle Rogan

How Important Is Education to Entrepreneurial Development?

Business students can be taught how to negotiate with lawyers, pitch to investors and create a...
Naveen Khajanchi

Do We Always Need Purpose?

Regain control by better understanding your inner “purpose”.
Manfred Kets de Vries

The Power of Gratitude

Money may make the world go around but when it comes to engaging hearts and minds a simple ‘thank...
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