Business education must enable students to reconcile enterprises with the changing realities of the global marketplace.

  • Life expectancy keeps increasing and pension payout levels are often higher than what a company or fund originally accounted for. This risk of ‘longevity’ can be transferred to financial markets, but pricing and risk management of longevity risk...

  • Finance has become a difficult industry to operate in with tighter regulation around the world post financial crisis. Now more than ever, those set on a career in investing need long-term views, curiosity and lots of patience.

  • The explosion in margin lending has fuelled a baseless rally in the Shanghai Composite, but the magnitude of leverage in the stock market is still coming to light.

  • As Europe’s economy continues to slide, the majority of member countries are seeking a more flexible interpretation of the stability pact. So, what’s behind Germany’s stubborn reluctance to give up its obsession with austerity?