Those with a genuine interest in helping the poor can apply capitalist principles to understand the needs of the market and provide it with what it needs.

We don’t trust salespeople because they are mostly obsessed with satisfying their own interests, not the customer’s. This must change.

  • Business education must enable students to reconcile enterprises with the changing realities of the global marketplace.

  • Life expectancy keeps increasing and pension payout levels are often higher than what a company or fund originally accounted for. This risk of ‘longevity’ can be transferred to financial markets, but pricing and risk management of longevity risk...

  • Finance has become a difficult industry to operate in with tighter regulation around the world post financial crisis. Now more than ever, those set on a career in investing need long-term views, curiosity and lots of patience.

  • The explosion in margin lending has fuelled a baseless rally in the Shanghai Composite, but the magnitude of leverage in the stock market is still coming to light.