Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics

The argument that low interest rates during boom times creates debt bubbles and financial instability is potentially misleading.

European governments have an opportunity to transform their institutions into facilitators of entrepreneurship and innovation. Are they capable of providing the right environment?

  • Barriers to global trade may be lower, but they still remain difficult to overcome for countries with less historical, legal or cultural ties and especially those far apart from each other. Experience can reduce costs and boost exports.

  • Economists failed to predict many aspects of the financial crisis but it was not because we didn’t have the right tools. It was due to where we chose to focus our teaching.

  • New calculations of purchasing power have put China on course to overtake the US as the world’s biggest economy this year. The changes in PPP also alter our reading of living standards for many countries.

  • The Western world may have a wealth of economic data, but many emerging nations can’t get enough. A new Centre for Economic Growth (CEG) in the Middle East will provide original research to address the region’s massive unemployment problems and...

  • The study of economics includes many assumptions about behaviour, one of which is that everyone has learned all the lessons of economics.