Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics

The European Central Bank’s “asymmetric” inflation target is shackling its ability to react to crises and deflationary risks.

With its economic and political influence increasingly questioned, can Europe ever hope to become a genuine world power?

  • With long-term output estimates significantly lower, are we awakening from a fictitious world of excess or is this recognition that scars from the financial crisis may be permanent?

  • The French government’s recent shift to the right on economic policy illustrates the dilemma leaders face when kickstarting growth: Should policy be supply or demand driven?

  • The current expansion is already longer than the average post-war business cycle. But what does the data tell us about the chances of an impending recession?

  • A battle between pessimism and optimism is being waged about whether Europe is stuck in a quagmire or marching back to growth. Both sides have strong arguments but they also agree on what has to be done.