Gilles Hilary, INSEAD Associate Professor of Accounting and Control; Francis Hounnongandji, President, French Chapter, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; Jean-Paul Philippe, Fmr. Head of Anticorruption Unit, French Police

As governments tighten their anti-corruption legislation businesses are more exposed to inadvertent breaches. With penalties on the rise, is your company at risk?

  • Because corporations are not capable of experiencing emotions, we should stop thinking of them as persons.

  • Firms are considered legal persons and are therefore held liable for wrongdoing on moral grounds, but they are also composed of individuals who are morally responsible for their behaviour.

  • Staying clear of wrongdoing and denying involvement when even associated with misbehaviour is the optimum path to a strong reputation and a profitable future

  • “Sustainability” is about more than being environmentally or socially responsible. The story of Tchibo Coffee shows that it can also give customers consistent quality.