Andrew Shipilov, INSEAD Associate Professor of Strategy

The charismatic leader credited with turning Louis Vuitton into a global fashion powerhouse in his 23 years at the helm, passed away on Sunday August 31, 2014.

To change organisations, leaders need to better understand their environment, distribute leadership to their teams and improve their self-awareness.

  • ”Green clubs” demonstrate the complex problems that can result from powerful companies and NGOs grouping together to improve environmental sustainability. But there are also lessons for achieving change.

  • Understanding how an organisation works is not enough. To be truly effective, a leader must understand the unconscious motivations of people around them.

  • Intense pressure often calls for knee-jerk reactions. While firm responses are needed from leaders, they should resist the temptation to centralise control and stifle frontline ownership.

  • Effective leadership often relies on your ability to persuade others. If you manage a team whose members come from different cultures, learning to adapt your persuasive techniques is crucial.