Steve Knight, INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Business Communication

It is not about becoming someone you’re not, it’s about allowing yourself to become who you are truly capable of being.

The road to success is paved with more than just money. Finding enduring things that matter is one way of avoiding wealth fatigue syndrome.

Competition is healthy but winning can come at a hefty price. Sometimes the swiftest way forward is to replace conflict with collaboration.

  • In the near future millennials will occupy every consequential leadership position in the world, be it in business, academia, government, or in the non-profit sector. Will they be ready to lead?

  • Releasing the ocean of untapped talent and energy of employees is something few companies can afford not to do. Visualising blue ocean leadership in comparison to conventional leadership practices will help you with implementation.

  • Working in a foreign country can be a great experience, it can also be the biggest mistake of your life. The stress of living in an alien environment can shatter the most stable of relationships and leave you wondering just where your career is...