Ian C. Woodward, INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Programme Director of the INSEAD Advanced Management Programme

The ability to identify and communicate values is critical to self-awareness and leadership development.

Most employees are going through the motions at their jobs. To re-engage them, leaders must translate organisational objectives into meaningful aims.

  • Is it time for a CEO school to train leaders for the top job or is it even a profession one can be schooled in?

  • Given the immense diversity and complexity of countries like India, it’s better to approach them as continents. Traditional assumptions about product development and segmentation should be left at the door.

  • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” says the proverb. Such good intentions are sometimes dashed by bad decisions, but we can improve our ability to choose the best path.

  • The charismatic leader credited with turning Louis Vuitton into a global fashion powerhouse in his 23 years at the helm, passed away on Sunday August 31, 2014.

  • To change organisations, leaders need to better understand their environment, distribute leadership to their teams and improve their self-awareness.

  • ”Green clubs” demonstrate the complex problems that can result from powerful companies and NGOs grouping together to improve environmental sustainability. But there are also lessons for achieving change.