Phanish Puranam, The Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Strategy & Organisation Design at INSEAD

A handful of “flat” firms are inspiring industry leaders to rethink the organisational hierarchy. But what’s so special about these firms, and why now?

The norms of conducting international business are increasingly becoming standardised. But the behaviour of those around you is fed by cultural backgrounds.

  • It shouldn't surprise researchers that underdog wildcatters, not Big Oil, were the main drivers of the shale gas revolution.

  • Economists disagree about what kept the U.S. from becoming Greece during the financial crisis.

  • What if the United States had been a member of the Euro area?

  • INSEAD Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour Gianpiero Petriglieri, nominated for the Thinkers50 2013 "Future Thinker Award," comments on the crisis of trust facing today's leaders, and how to resolve it.

  • In today’s resource-constrained environment, many of us are delivering 120% on the current demands of our job—but devoting little time to developing ourselves further or positioning ourselves for a future move. As one of my executive MBA students...

  • The Economist writes about the 50 most valued companies in the world, where Europe has about 8 (Switzerland and the UK have 4 of those 8). American firms pushed ahead with the recovery: European giants looked good when America slumped but now fall...