Henrich Greve, INSEAD Professor of Entrepreneurship

Men and women evaluate expertise in very different ways. This may not always be fair and can affect the effectiveness of team decisions.

Systems to manage the wealth of knowledge inside companies can help junior staff get a leg up in career advancement.

Your unusual trait may be acceptable, even endearing, in some contexts, but in others it could place you at professional risk.

  • Hierarchy is often viewed as hindering innovation, but getting rid of hierarchy carries risks of its own. Savvy organisation design can help you strike a successful balance.

  • A handful of “flat” firms are inspiring industry leaders to rethink the organisational hierarchy. But what’s so special about these firms, and why now?

  • The norms of conducting international business are increasingly becoming standardised. But the behaviour of those around you is fed by cultural backgrounds.

  • It shouldn't surprise researchers that underdog wildcatters, not Big Oil, were the main drivers of the shale gas revolution.