Pan Pan, Founder and Managing Partner, Pantèra Ventures (INSEAD MBA ’03J)

Working backwards from where you want to be can give you purpose.

  • Attracting top talent is a key priority for competitive organisations. But can ‘more’ become ‘too much’?

  • For MBAs who haven’t mapped out their entire career plan, the best path to fulfillment is found by stepping out of the HR waiting room.

  • Adolescent mistakes can seriously impact a career today. It may not be fair but it happens.

  • INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index shows high-income countries leading in fostering knowledge and vocational talent pools. Low-income countries are struggling in both areas.

  • How to set structures to foster innovation and creativity, then step back.

  • Many multinational companies have hidden, unrecognised multicultural gems within their ranks. To find these and get the most from their unique skills means taking the time and trouble to carefully develop and deploy multicultural managers in...