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Boris Liedtke


Boris Liedtke, Distinguished Executive Fellow, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, was the chief executive officer of international banks, based in Singapore, Luxembourg, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K. He also served on the boards of directors for companies throughout Asia and in Luxembourg. He was awarded his PhD from London School of Economics.

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Economics & Finance

What Non-Profits (and Governments) Need to Know About Investment Strategy

Boris Liedtke & Peter Lai

Charities investing in hedge funds isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.

Economics & Finance

Four Strategies for Balancing Charities’ Investment Risks

Boris Liedtke & Peter Lai

Avoid, reduce, transfer and accept are bywords for a disciplined and cautious approach.


The Four Most Prevalent Myths About Electric Cars

Boris Liedtke, Stefan Krause

Breaking down the myths that hinder acceptance of electric vehicles.

Economics & Finance

Charities and the Investment Risks They Face

Boris Liedtke & Peter Lai

Macroeconomic changes and fraudulent behaviour pose investment challenges.


Is Neo-Feudalism the New Nation-State?

John Hulsman & Boris Liedtke

The simultaneous rise of hyperlocal and transnational politics could fill the power vacuum left by the decline of the nation-state.

Economics & Finance

Charities’ Path to Financial Longevity Begins With a Manifesto

Boris Liedtke & Peter Lai

An investment policy statement should guide the work of investment committees.