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Grace Segran

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Leadership & Organisations

Can we stop businesses from behaving badly?

Stakeholders often have conflicting interests, at least in the short run. How do you trade off their welfare and still “do the right thing”?


The business of making dreams come true

What is it about train travel that evokes a sense of romance and nostalgia, and what is the mystique and allure of trains? Who better to ask than the chief executive of the Orient-Express, the iconic hotel on wheels and arguably the ultimate train ride?


Hope at the bottom of the pyramid

In Brazil, one very active social entrepreneur uses technology to cross more than just the digital divide between rich and poor.

Economics & Finance

Dangers on the horizon for China

Grain, oil and finance present a triple threat to China’s future. David Daoikui Li tells Knowledge what China can do about it.


Renault-Nissan: Building with BRICs

Carlos Ghosn is spending more than a billion US Dollars to get a better foothold in Brazil.


Want a successful merger?

Companies frequently cite synergies as a motivation for mergers. However, research shows many related mergers do produce increased cash flows and new products.