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Grace Segran


Grace Segran is a writer and editor at INSEAD

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Economics & Finance

Sub-prime mortgages and segregation

Sub-prime mortgages were supposed to put an end to segregated neighbourhoods by allowing affordable housing to more people. But a new study shows that better access to mortgages leads to more - not less - racial segregation.


Individual capitalism

At a time when business and industry are going through mega-changes and Wall Street capitalism comes under fire, the energy and innovation of the entrepreneur are more important than ever, says the founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital.


Is food marketing making us fat?

Grace Segran

Are we to blame for the obesity epidemic? Or the people who sell the food to us? New research shows that packaging and position, not just advertising, are at least part of the problem.

Economics & Finance

Bridging the gulf

Grace Segran

GCC nations have attempted to modernise and standardise their legal frameworks in the past 30 years to encourage foreign investment in this rapidly growing region. But how much investment can be expected when foreigners can’t own their businesses outright and business debts are secured by a cheque?


Is there a place for entrepreneurs in the Arab world?

Where does the new breed of Emirati entrepreneurs fit in to a landscape dominated by multinationals and big family-owned Arab businesses?

Leadership & Organisations

Too few good women: Why are boards still male domains?

New corporate governance strictures are making way for women on corporate boards. But how to find suitable candidates? And what do women really add to the board room?