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Steve Knight

Adjunct Professor of Business Communication


Steve Knight: is a highly regarded Business Communications Specialist with 32 years’ experience and a solid background in Broadcast Journalism with BBC TV and Discovery. He is a Certified Executive Coach (Hudson Institute of Coaching, Santa Barbara) and Systemic Team Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching, London) and the founder of The Art of Comms app.

Professor: Steve is Adjunct Professor of Business Communication here at INSEAD. Steve and the AoC team run The Art of Communication (AoC) MBA elective in Fontainebleau and Singapore, and the AoC GEMBA elective in Fontainebleau. Steve also conducts seminars on company specific communication projects for our Executive Development Programmes (CSPs).

Communication: Steve works on an international platform with blue-chip companies… Designing and delivering communication and leadership Masterclasses; Helping organisations shape and deliver winning contract pitches and to produce and present internal projects to gain Board or Executive Committee approval; Coaching executives to deliver powerful communications at conferences and live events and how to handle the media and create PR opportunities.

eLearning and sharing community: the Art of Comms app helps you become a great speaker and confident communicator in all settings. It is the communications coach in your pocket. Through our professional sharing community, learn how to improve your Message Clarity, the quality of your Voice, your Body Language and the Gift of You… how to allow your genuine personality shine through.

Executive Coach & Systemic Team Coach: Areas covered; Maximising Leadership Potential, Increasing Executive Presence, Team Dynamics Efficiency & Performance, Appreciative Positive Inquiry, Conflict Resolution, Negotiating, Planning with Purpose, Career Progression, Career Transition, Work Life Balance, Family & Relationship Dynamics, Health & Wellbeing.

Presenter and Keynote Speaker: Steve has a particular flair and proven track record in business presentations for blue chip companies - delivering Keynote Speeches, hosting Events and Conferences, facilitating Question and Answer sessions and presenting live and pre-recorded Business Television programmes.

Television: Steve’s formative years in communication were spent in television and radio. His TV credits include a range of highly successful programmes for the Discovery Channel, including the ITN produced science & technology programme Discovery Today and Discovery People, where guests included Professor Stephen Hawking and Sir Chris Bonington. He co-presented Animal Hospital on BBC1 for four years and presented reports for the Saturday night National Lottery Draw.

Linkedin Influencer: Steve is a Linkedin Influencer and writes articles to help you continue to develop your communication and speaking skills and discusses topical issues in the arena of communication. Linkedin Influencer

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Steve Knight

The LinkedIn Influencers Editorial team asked 150 Influencers "What was your first job and what were your key learnings?" My first three paid jobs all started around the same time, when I was at the tender age of 10.

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Passion: I like the way you look

How to produce and deliver a winning presentation Part 3: Passion – I like the way you look So you will have seen through Part 1: Prepared Goals and Part 2: Command Attention, the sequence of events and tasks that help you ensure that your presentation is remembered for all the right reasons, rather than all the wrong reasons. Here in this section of Part 3 I want to focus in on your Passion through facial expression. What do I mean by Passion?

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How to command attention and deliver a winning presentation

How to produce and deliver a winning presentation Part 2: Command Attention Firstly, thank you for all your comments on Part 1: Prepared Goals. It is a great honour to read your inputs and thoughts, please keep them coming. So, here we go with Part 2 (of 4): Command Attention.

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How to produce and deliver a winning presentation Part 1: Prepared Goals

The goal of my articles to date here on the LinkedIn Influencers platform has been to help you slow down and guide you on the journey inwards, to discover your true Self, to help you be the Captain of your Ship.