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Where I Work: Happy Faces, Hungry Minds

Steve Knight |

Linkedin asked 50 of the 150 Influencers to “Show the world what you see when you work” When there are no barriers in a work (or learning) space, the connection is enhanced, which has a positive effect on my MBA participants, and myself.

The two lecture theatre photos are of The Art of Communication workshop that I run for INSEAD MBAs. The design of the amphi has a very positive effect on the participants and me because there are no desks as barriers, so the connection back and forth between us is greatly enhanced. You can see this on their faces. I just adore those happy smiles and hungry minds. It’s why I do what I do.


The course helps participants maximise their leadership potential through the power of their voice, their body language and the clarity of their message. It teaches people to allow themselves to become who they are truly and authentically capable of being. I deliver the 2-day course 20 times a year between the two campuses in France and Singapore.

The photos are from January 19 this year and were taken in the amphi Loudon in the Fontainebleau campus, France.

The horseshoe layout of the chairs in this amphi creates an informal atmosphere which is so much better than straight lines of desks. The chairs themselves are luxurious, leather and very comfortable and to me the whole look and feel reminds me of the bridge on the USS Enterprise.

My choice of workspace/amphi has evolved in the seven years that I have been an Adjunct Professor at INSEAD. I used to prefer the straight lines of desks as it gave me a sense of tradition. Then I moved to cabaret style layout of tables, which is still good. A year ago I looked at amphi Loudon and thought it would never work for my course… now this is my favourite space. Great ambience, chic and luxurious design of chairs, superb layout, plus sections of floor to ceiling windows.

If truth be known, as it reminds me of Star Trek I’m as Happy as Larry, or should that be Scotty?

Backstage: No seminar or workshop, whether for my corporate clients or at INSEAD for MBAs and Executive Education Programmes, can be successful without thorough production and preparation. On my travels very recently I was blessed to be offered an office that really does deserve the title “A Room With A View”. This is a creative space with WOW factor indeed. A picture paints a thousand words and the photo looking out of the window certainly needs no introduction. No prizes for guessing this tres chic and beautiful city :-)


Photos at INSEAD by Kayo Yoshida. MBA Participant and avid photographer. Thank you Kayo :-)

Photos of Paris office (oops, now you know) by my very humble host who prefers to remain anonymous. Personally I think that’s because they’re concerned that if everyone knew where to find it they’d be lining up around the block :-D …and they would.

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