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Economics & Finance

Casting a Wider Net in OTC Trading: For Better or Worse?

S. Glebkin, B. Y. Zhou

Simultaneous multilateral search for quotes may not always lead to the best deal in over-the-counter trading for dealers and the market.

Economics & Finance

A China Blockade of Taiwan Will Hurt Us All

Pushan Dutt

The global economy will bear the consequences of an all-out economic war between the United States and China should the latter try to shut off Taiwan.

Economics & Finance

Biden’s Misguided Tax on Share Buybacks

Theo Vermaelen

The Biden administration’s ideological distaste for companies purchasing their own stock may do more harm than good.


Bob Ayres at 90: Key Insights on Energy in the Economy

The Organising Committee of the [email protected] Conference

Groundbreaking observations on the fundamental role energy and materials play in the economy.

Economics & Finance

Too Many ESG Funds Mislead Investors

Theo Vermaelen

Regulatory reckoning with ESG funds does not go far enough.

Economics & Finance

Don’t Kill Share Buybacks

A. Bonaimé, T. Vermaelen

New proposed restrictions on companies buying back their own stock would likely backfire.
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Economics & Finance

Sales Numbers Are Up? It May Only Be Inflation

O. Binz, E. Ferracuti, P. Joos

Managers need proper information systems to decipher the real causes of any bump in sales revenue and decide whether investments are required.

Economics & Finance

Where a Firm’s Value Truly Lies

F. Belo, M. A. Vitorino

A new approach to uncovering the sum of all the parts of a modern firm.


Can Private Equity Make Money While Doing Good?

Claudia Zeisberger

With the right tools, investors can help prevent an impact investing debacle.

Economics & Finance

China’s Urban Rich and the Quest For Common Prosperity

L. Yang, S. H. Lee

The key to closing China’s income gap lies in education and bolstering the ranks of its professionals, the meteoric rise of its urban elites in recent decades suggests.

Economics & Finance

The Unexpected Role of PE Firms in Reducing Within-Firm Pay Inequality

Lily Fang

The incentives that drive PE firms have an interesting by-product: a reduction in income inequalities, such as the gender wage gap.

Economics & Finance

How DBS Became the ‘World’s Best Bank’

V. D. Rao, R. Speculand

The Singapore titan’s tech-charged quest to take the banking out of banking has paid off handsomely.

Economics & Finance

A Sign of the Times: The ESG Buyback

Theo Vermaelen

Using ESG sensitivities to market financial products.

Leadership & Organisations

Aligning Individual and Organisational Values

M. Guadalupe, Z. Kinias, F. Schloderer

How employees’ personal values fit within their organisation.
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Economics & Finance

Trust, Social Capital and the Bond Market Benefits of ESG

Hami Amiraslani

Although ESG-oriented investments are becoming increasingly common, their benefits are often only realised during certain time periods. So, when do these investments deliver economic payoffs?