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Economics & Finance

Doing Good: Where Sustainable Investing Gets It Wrong

Lucie Tepla

A high sustainability rating does not necessarily equate to real sustainability impact (and profit).

Economics & Finance

A Liquidity Cushion in Troubled Times: The PE Secondaries Market

Even without deep discounts, secondaries’ modest risks and returns are attracting investor interest.

Economics & Finance

Covid Cost-Cutting May Backfire in the Long Run

Oliver Binz

Macroeconomic uncertainty makes firms more profitable in the short-term, but the bill comes due later.

Economics & Finance

How Would an Immigration Surge Affect Your Pay Cheque?

Workers whose product or output is not easily sold elsewhere are more likely to lose out amid an inflow of immigrants.

Economics & Finance

How Trade Made the Richest 0.1% Even Richer

Better access to foreign markets benefited exporting firms’ top executives disproportionately more than rank-and-file workers.

Economics & Finance

Introducing Excess Value: A Metric for Private Market Outperformance

A Turetsky, M Pyrz, B Griffiths, J Lujan, I Beckel

The gains from private market investing are best understood relative to public benchmarks. But there has been no way to compare the two in currency terms – until now.

Economics & Finance

How Universal Basic Income Could Save Capitalism

Robert U. Ayres

A viable democratic social system must not allow a “winner takes all” approach.

Economics & Finance

What’s Behind the Rising Inequality of Everything?

B. Kessler, M. Olsen

However you parse the data, capitalism increasingly appears to disproportionately benefit the very top performers.

Economics & Finance

Can Investors Save the Planet While Making a Profit?

Daniel Gospodinov & Claudia Zeisberger

Sustainability is fast becoming a core investment focus. Here’s what the industry can learn from the most successful climate impact funds.
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Economics & Finance

Corporate Funding Gap and the Role of Fintech

Nicolò Maneri & Jean Dermine

Financing for small and medium enterprises is limited in many parts of the world. Is P2P lending the magic bullet to narrow the funding gap?

Economics & Finance

Covid-19 Furloughs Are Getting the Job Done

M. Bennedsen, B. Larsen, I. Schmutte, D. Scur

Despite questions as to their cost and fairness, employment subsidies in the EU appear to be working as intended.

Economics & Finance

Has Venture Capital Strayed From Its Roots?

M. Varadan, K. Hassan, C. Zeisberger

Take a step back in time to observe how Georges Doriot – the founder of both VC and INSEAD – set up a machine to fuel and fund innovation and development.

Economics & Finance

Impact Investing in Covid-19 Times: A Three-Step Mission

Despite the economic crunch, the joint pursuit of profit and purpose may have a very bright future. But first, we need to return to basics.

Economics & Finance

Private Equity’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Benjamin Kessler

Board members and senior managers can learn from the “structured crisis management” techniques PE firms are employing with their portfolio companies.

Economics & Finance

To Save India’s Economy, Think Big, Blunt and Fast

Pushan Dutt

With unemployment pushing 30 percent, the world’s fifth-largest economy needs a strong dose of fiscal and monetary intervention.