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Economics & Finance

From grass huts to halls of ivy: Can money buy academic exce

Faced with a small local workforce and the need to diversify its economy, Abu Dhabi is overhauling its entire education system and fulfilling its desire to be recognised as a regional academic powerhouse.

Economics & Finance

Eurozone: State of siege

Could stronger ties between France and Germany get to the heart of what ails the single currency?

Economics & Finance

Repairing Europe and reviving the US

Paul Volcker served as Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve during a period of economic turbulence when his prescribed monetary policies helped tame double-digit inflation rates in the early 1980s. More recently, he served as chairman of President Barack Obama’s Economic Advisory Board from February 2009 until January 2011. A vocal advocate for banking reform, his eponymous Volcker Rule, due to come into force next year, is meant to prevent American banks from making big bets on markets with their own money or from backing private equity and hedge funds. In an interview with INSEAD Knowledge at the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) School of Public Policy in Singapore recently, he discusses Europe’s response to the sovereign debt crisis, stagnant U.S. unemployment and shortfalls in banking legislation in the aftermath of the credit crisis.

Economics & Finance

Dangers on the horizon for China

Grain, oil and finance present a triple threat to China’s future. David Daoikui Li tells Knowledge what China can do about it.

Economics & Finance

Islamic banking comes out of its niche

The global economic crisis has meant lower interest rates, higher risk, and an investor flight to safety. Can Islamic banking pick up the slack?

Economics & Finance

Storm clouds in the Pacific

In 2009, government spending in China and the rest of Asia helped bail out the West when the markets tanked and the economy followed suit. Today, Asia has its own problems and may not be able to carry the West through the second wave of economic times.


Renault-Nissan: Building with BRICs

Carlos Ghosn is spending more than a billion US Dollars to get a better foothold in Brazil.

Economics & Finance

Too much demand, too little space

China’s booming luxury goods market means even the fashion industry’s flagship publication is working flat out to keep pace.


Who cares for society?

The economic crisis has put most governments on an austerity programme, cutting social benefits at a time when demand for such services is skyrocketing. Enlightened businesspeople can make a difference as social entrepreneurs.

Economics & Finance

Sub-prime mortgages and segregation

Sub-prime mortgages were supposed to put an end to segregated neighbourhoods by allowing affordable housing to more people. But a new study shows that better access to mortgages leads to more - not less - racial segregation.

Economics & Finance

Can Russia end corruption?

Bribes, payola, threats…do they have to be part of the Russian business landscape? One group is trying to find the political will to change that.
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Economics & Finance

The corruption trap

Emerging markets are where money is to be made: pent up consumer demand, cheap labour, few regulations. But just under the surface lies the murky world of corruption, ready to derail even the most scrupulous businessperson. Now what?

Economics & Finance

Arab oil money: Empowering Women

Empowered by education, the internet and a $40 billion nest-egg, a new generation of Arab women is forging its own path to financial and social independence.

Economics & Finance

What kind of recession is this?

Not since the Great Depression has the world economy seen such a perfect storm of failed policies, rising unemployment and stalled growth. Many use the “R” word … but is that “recovery” or “recession”?

Economics & Finance

There is no Chinese wall around the economy

No country is immune to the global debt crisis. Even China’s double-digit growth is in doubt as the world economy switches from sustained growth to increasing contraction … but what can the Sleeping Dragon do about it?