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Why diversity matters

Japan's economy has been in dramatic decline, says INSEAD professor Stewart Black. What's causing its malaise and can we expect a rebound?
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Economics & Finance

Foreign firms eye China’s rural markets

Foreign multinationals in China looking to expand are gearing up for its rural markets. Where are the opportunities and will the government facilitate their efforts?

Economics & Finance

Getting back to basics in a world of luxury

As China's middle class expands, does consumption behaviour change? According to Sir David Tang, founder of Shanghai Tang, consumption behaviour doesn't shift with economic development; it is only perceived to do so.

Economics & Finance

The heat is on

"Valuations are higher - and when valuations are higher, people feel a little bit more comfortable about taking on risk,” according to Philip Bilden, Managing Director of HarbourVest Partners (Asia).

Economics & Finance

Coming of age

“This may surprise market participants since absolute numbers, particularly in context with Asian economic forecasts, always point to much stronger growth of Asian PE relative to the rest of the world,” says Claudia Zeisberger, Academic Co-Director of INSEAD’s Global Private Equity Initiative.

Economics & Finance

Due diligence in China’s private equity market

When it comes to doing due diligence, Yibing Wu, the President of CITIC Private Equity Funds Management, believes in leaving "no stones unturned," especially as financial statement of Chinese companies tend to be “less trustworthy” than those of western companies.

Economics & Finance

The upside of a down market

How did Spain's biggest bank become a white knight in the UK and emerge as the fourth most profitable bank worldwide? António Horta-Osorio, CEO of Banco Santander's UK operations discusses strategy and future plans.


M&As: Not necessarily the best way to grow your company

There could be other ways to acquire the skills and competencies you need without actually buying them outright, says INSEAD Professor Laurence Capron.

Economics & Finance

Exploring the consequences

While China and India dominate headlines for their growth potential, there's opportunities brewing in other geographies. Grace Segran reports from The Economist’s Emerging Markets Summit in London.


A unique opportunity

Innovation for green growth is the new mantra for advanced economies. From Australia to the United States, governments are pouring billions of dollars, euros and yen into eco-innovation programmes. The US has earmarked US$59 billion for green technologies as part of its stimulus packages; Australia has dedicated A$5.7 billion, while Canada has set aside C$2.8 billion for that purpose. Governments are also providing other incentives ranging from support for R&D activities to new regulations and standards on transport, buildings and manufacturing. The aim is to become greener while staying competitive, and to reach that delicate balance the OECD is working towards a Green Growth Strategy for its 30+ members.

Economics & Finance

Lessons from Germany’s banking crisis

In the aftermath of the economic crisis many governments are calling for tighter banking regulations to keep such a debacle from ever happening again. But Harald Hau, Associate Professor of Finance at INSEAD, says better bank governance may actually be a more effective answer to the problem – an insight which emerges from taking a closer look at the German experience.

Economics & Finance

MBC: Building a media powerhouse in an emerging market

Can Western broadcasters learn anything from the one of the Middle East’s most successful satellite channels? According to a recently-released case study by Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, the answer is yes.

Economics & Finance

China’s progress: can it breach the Great Wall?

With China's ascent as the world's second-largest economy, it may just be a matter of time before it eclipses the United States in productivity. But can it evolve to become a high-income, consumption-driven economy like the US?

Economics & Finance

Putting Europe back on track

What will it take to put Europe back on track? That question was the basis for the eighth European Business Summit and a research report conducted by INSEAD, Accenture and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, with funding from Sun and Microsoft.

Economics & Finance

Private equity’s challenge in the Middle East

INSEAD and Booz & Company have issued a report titled Private Equity in the Middle East: A Rising Contender in Emerging Markets. The report examines how the industry has evolved over the years as well as its current challenges and outlook.