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India Business Dialogue Highlights

INSEAD professors & top Indian business leaders will join the INSEAD India Business Dialogue in the heart of the country’s financial capital, Mumbai, on April 20th, where they will share their thoughts on the direction of Indian business and the country’s economy. The dialogue will focus on two themes: how Indian companies are increasingly venturing abroad and examine best practices and the capabilities needed as well as how firms are working to develop, nurture and bring new markets into play at home.


INSEAD Knowledge will be on the ground with INSEAD professors Paddy Padmanabhan, Professor of Marketing, The John H. Loudon Chaired Professor of International Management; Balagopal Vissa, Professor of Entrepreneurship; Amitava Chattopadhyay, Professor of Marketing, The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Marketing and Innovation; and top Indian business leaders such as Arun Nanda, Director of Mahindra & Mahindra; Nachiket Mor, Chairman of the Boards of Sughavazhvu Health Care, CARE India and IFMR Trust; Jessie Paul, CEO of Paul Writer; and Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education.

Ahead of the upcoming dialogue in Mumbai on April 20th, here’s a look back at some interviews from last year’s event.



An online travel startup grows up

India-based iXiGO launched five years ago in a nascent online travel sector that’s since mushroomed into one of India’s most competitive companies. Now the company has received a new round of venture-backed funding. What next?

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Bang Bang Films: Creating a commercial revolution in India

Move over, Bollywood. One startup advertising agency is out to hire your directors.

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Selling soap to Nigeria: One Indian conglomerate goes beyond the borders

India is the darling of investors looking to benefit from the rapid growth of emerging markets. But well-established Indian companies are looking for growth, too, and they are finding it in the developing world.

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