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GITR 2012 - Sweden: Why it's No.1;

GITR 2012: Sweden

Anna-Karin Hatt, Sweden’s Minister for IT, said that the country’s early investment in technology infrastructure has paid off.

 “This is the result of a long-term development that has been taking place in Sweden,” Hatt says. “Since the 1980s, we have had the development of true liberalisation of the whole society, and especially in this field.” She was speaking in Stockholm at an INSEAD VIP-media briefing held in conjunction with the release of the GITR Report.

According to Hatt, it is not one single approach, but a variety of approaches that has led to Sweden’s success: “There are a number of factors, from broadband coverage, speed, liberalisation of the society, early adopters and consumers that are really interested in these developments and that are taking part [in them].”

Erik Kruse, strategic marketing manager at Ericsson, points to several Swedish political initiatives that have improved access to technology such as tax deductions on computers which increase its usage. He adds that the Nordic region also has several major technology companies such as Ericsson and Nokia, which makes it easier for Nordic consumers to learn about new technological products and services. This means that there is increased competition, “which makes the market more palatable to consumers.”

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