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A Foot in the Door: Strategies to Connect With Investors

Balagopal Vissa

Even modestly connected entrepreneurs are six times more likely to succeed in accessing early-stage investors – if they push the right buttons.


What to Do With Contrarians?

H. Piezunka, V. Aggarwal, H. Posen

Even when they are wrong, those who think differently add value to an organisation.
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The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2021

Bruno Lanvin

Tracking innovation around the globe in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.


How Entrepreneurs Solve the Big Fish vs. Big Pond Dilemma

Henning Piezunka

Collaboration with a partner is not strictly a two-way affair; instead, prospective partners take the entire competitive landscape into account when forming ties.


The Hidden Hazards of Smart Device Medical Advice

B. Babic, T. Evgeniou, S. Gerke, G. Cohen

Diagnostic mobile medical apps call for increased regulatory intervention, even if they do not dispense advice or treatment.

Leadership & Organisations

Mixing Business and Pleasure for Competitive Advantage

E. Miron-Spektor, M. Lazar

A recent study shows how entrepreneurial team formation can be improved by combining two established strategies.


How Should Humans Collaborate With AI?

Phanish Puranam

When bringing algorithms and employees together, businesses should respect rather than ignore human preferences.
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The New Normal for Innovation

Quy Huy

We’re entering a deglocalised world where firms must ceaselessly innovate in order to survive.


How to Tell the Age of an Innovation

H. Greve, I. Naumovska, V. Gaba

All innovations make the journey from “eureka” to “meh”. But they don’t do so according to fixed rules.


How Silicon Valley Ate Itself – and What Comes Next

A Madhavji, S Hasija, M Grandinetti

The Valley’s pre-eminence isn’t going anywhere, but its special gloss has faded. And that’s a good thing, for both society and the future of innovation.


Who’s Afraid of the Experience Economy?

Benjamin Kessler

Great brand experiences drive better business outcomes, during the pandemic and beyond.
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Using Science to Enhance the Customer Experience

Chiara Spina

Hypotheses and experimentation are helping the Saudi government transform the way it serves customs users.


How the Rural-Urban Divide Plays Out on Digital Platforms

Wesley Wu-Yi Koo

Urban entrepreneurs on digital platforms have access to better offline information, which gives them an edge over rural entrepreneurs.


Regulating the ‘Wild West’ of Token-Based Business

A Madhavji, M Massa, M Madhavji

Evolving standards of crypto regulation may actually result in sharper oversight than is common in the non-token world.


Why Firms Should Care About the Career Stage of China’s Officials

X. R. Luo, D. Wang

Tasked with a broad range of objectives, government officials will prioritise different ones depending on their career stage and mobilise firms accordingly.