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Reconceiving Innovation for Covid-19

Manuel Sosa

Covid-19 is an opportunity for businesses to build a new normal that is more human-centric, imaginative and agile.


The Central Conundrum of Covid-19 Entrepreneurship

Vikas A. Aggarwal

A recently released report reveals how one entrepreneurial ecosystem is responding to the pandemic.


The Innovator’s Imitation Dilemma: TikTok and Facebook in Context

J. Davis, V. Aggarwal

Even with a backer like Microsoft, innovators must outrace copycats like Facebook and others who share the spoils of imitation among themselves.


The State of AI-Driven Digital Transformation

Joerg Niessing & Marcus Ho

With a holistic transformation strategy, AI can create wonders.
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How Consumer Nudging Can Solve the Plastic Packaging Waste Crisis

Michael Peshkam & David Dubois

Until there is a major change in consumers’ behaviour towards plastic packaging waste, the widespread and tangible shifts the situation calls for are unlikely.


The Secret to Successful Crowdsourcing Contests? More Prizes

Your prize money goes further when it’s distributed among a larger group of winners.


The Six Roles You Need on Your AI Team

Can you build new technological capacities during a global crisis? Yes – if you make the right decisions regarding your people.


The Apps That Brought China Back to Life

Ruby Mu & Xiao Zhixing

The nation where COVID-19 began is carefully returning to normal, thanks to controversial technologies that may put safety before privacy.


Safeguarding Privacy in a Pandemic

Andrea Canidio

Speeding up the adoption of blockchain and other digitised ledger technologies (DLT) can help society reconcile security and privacy.


Big Tech Is Rewiring Healthcare in the Platform Revolution

The healthcare industry will consolidate around a small number of platforms.


Speed, Power and Flow: Use Surf Criteria to Rate Start-ups

Rony Stefano & Horacio Falcão

A novel method to predict start-up success.


How Leaders Should Navigate Long-Term Uncertainty

Entrepreneurs and change managers may ultimately be selling a dream, but that’s not what stakeholders are buying.


Disruption and Anti-disruption in the Streaming Economy

N. Askin, B. Kessler, A. Batey

For established industry players in entertainment and elsewhere, the ascent of blockchain is a double-edged sword.

Leadership & Organisations

Start-ups: The Founding Team Is a Real Magic Bullet

M. Lazar, E. Miron-Spektor

Studies show that the entrepreneurial team may impact a start-up’s long-term success more than its product.


Seven Behaviours for Boosting Change Readiness

Resistance to change is baked into our biology, but the ability to overcome it can be strengthened with the right regimen.