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Benefits of group coaching

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Coaching As Collaboration

Coaching As Collaboration

The benefits of group coaching to the individual and the organisation.

The concept of coaching has been a hot topic in business circles for a number of years. It now almost seems a given that top executives employ the services of a coach to help them become better leaders and advance their careers. But the rise in popularity of coaching has also thrown up a number of questions: What really makes a good coach? What can and should you expect from your coach? How can you pick someone that’s right for you?

These are just some of the questions addressed in this new podcast featuring Derek Deasy and Enoch Li, co-directors of the INSEAD MBA Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLDP). What’s clear is that a need for openness, engagement and a willingness to collaborate with your coach are all essential if the experience is really going to make an impact.

The conversation also explores the differences between mentoring and coaching and challenges the idea that leadership coaching is only ever about the individual. As Deasy and Li point out, effective leadership happens in groups. Most work gets done collaboratively, and without followers, there is no one to lead. This reality underscores the essential point that to be successful, leaders need to understand the dynamics of groups. 

Drawing on their years of experience, they explain why group coaching can be so effective. Better understanding the anxieties and interactions at play within a group can allow people the space to bring a more honest version of themselves to the team, which can benefit both individuals and organisations.

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