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Dream your way to success

It’s not all about business plans and spreadsheets and getting to the next goal. The picture of real success is at least partly in your mind.

Leadership & Organisations

Top five sales negotiation mistakes

Stop talking, start listening. Can tweaking your approach help clinch the deal? Picture the scene: it’s late in your fiscal year and you’re in the final stages of negotiating a big sale. If you land this one, you will exceed your annual sales target by 25 percent and your bonus will double. No doubt about it – you want this one.
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Are you creating value for your firm?

It’s a tough world out there and only firms that succeed in creating value will survive in the long-term. The key is to focus on what your customers really want.

Leadership & Organisations

Top 50 Ranking of China’s Business Leaders Exposes Common Myths

“A general who fears to unsheathe his sword is not a good general,” says Mr. Li Jiaxiang, Chairman of Air China from 2004 to 2008 and the #1 performing corporate leader in China according to our new ranking (just published in the Harvard Business Review China and the centerpiece for the magazine’s launch events in Beijing and Shanghai).

Leadership & Organisations

Be inspired

Creative inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. Sometimes where you expect it the least. This was my experience at a high school graduation that I recently attended. The programme had all the usual format of these symbolic events: a warm glow, certificates, the band, photos, the Principal’s speech and an unknown guess speaker.


An Online Travel Startup Grows Up

M. Reddy, A. Bajpai

India-based iXiGO launched five years ago in a nascent online travel sector that’s since mushroomed into one of India’s most competitive companies. Now the company has received a new round of venture-backed funding. What next?

Leadership & Organisations

Corruption: A piecemeal solution

As Russia struggles to shrug off a corrupt legacy from its Soviet past, businesses are taking a step-by-step approach to managing the “informal practices” putting their companies at risk

Economics & Finance

Business and the euro

The euro has become a political football these days, but some of the players in that game have businesses to run. What is their end game?

Economics & Finance

Forget austerity? Not completely, say economists

Lack of trust, lack of confidence, lack of visibility. Which way out of the world economic recession? Cut back or spend more or…?

Economics & Finance

Don’t just pine for economic recovery! Roll up your sleeves!

Despite its electoral promises, France’s new left-wing government is unlikely to have much leeway for spending the country’s way out of its economic doldrums. Instead, what France needs is a dose of more positive thinking at every level of society, according to French business consultant Emmanuel Bonnet.

Leadership & Organisations

Are You An Innovative Entrepreneur?

Pop quiz: How do you define an entrepreneur? The typical answer—which is technically correct—is that an entrepreneur is anyone who starts a business. That includes folks who start lawn care businesses, dry cleaners, and yogurt shops.

Leadership & Organisations

The Euro Crisis – Failing to Learn from Corporate Contexts

Reading the news these past several months on the Euro crisis may have you believe that the difficulties are the result of leaders navigating in completely unchartered territory. The EU experiment is a great challenge because it is so remarkably unique. This isn’t really true, or at least the part about not having examples to help charter the territory. In fact there are many relevant analogies from business organizations.

Leadership & Organisations

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

If “the quickest way to make a millionaire out of billionaire is to buy an airline,” as Sir Richard Branson once remarked, then what does that mean for billionaires who build commercial space airlines? Ask Branson or Jeff Bezos, because they are the crazy ones: They not only dream; they dream big.

Leadership & Organisations

To Close the Gender Gap, Focus on Assignments

A new McKinsey study (PDF) reports statistically what we already knew from personal experience: that mid-career and senior women tend to be found disproportionally in staff jobs, or “pink ghettos,” relative to men.

Leadership & Organisations

The Best Path to Success is Your Own

If you’re wondering what to do next in your career, you’re hardly alone. The debate about where and how we may best feed our hunger for mastery, service, prestige, approval, safety, achievement — whatever we’re after — is fiercer than ever.