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Leadership & Organisations

Capitalising on ‘women power’

There aren’t enough women in management roles and that is bad for business. That’s the conclusion of a panel of experts who spoke at INSEAD’s Asia campus in Singapore for International Women’s Day.

Leadership & Organisations

Seeing eye to eye in business negotiations

With expressions like 'out of sight, out of mind', one would make a natural assumption that there's a lot to be gained from direct face-to-face communication.

Leadership & Organisations

Women and the ‘vision thing’

The good news is that in a study of executives, women did better than men on several measures. The bad news is that women fell significantly behind in one key area: vision.

Leadership & Organisations

Soft information or 'cheap talk' in company announcements

Next time you listen to a CEO talk about his or her company, play close attention to whether the person is being unusually optimistic or pessimistic. This sentiment can give you a good indication about where the company's stock price is headed.


African entrepreneurs must pressure their governments to regulate their business environments

Although many African companies will be hit by the current global slowdown, there is a lot that local entrepreneurs and their governments can do to improve their business environments, says Arthur Levi, former head of the World Bank’s private sector arm, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Europe.

Leadership & Organisations

It's time to change our questions

Transformational leaders ask innovative questions — lots of them. In anticipation of President Obama’s inauguration speech, INSEAD professor Hal Gregersen wondered if the new president would do the same, but found that his questions fell a bit short compared to innovative leaders in other times and places.

Economics & Finance

Can leadership withstand the ravages of the crisis?

The sudden collapse of Lehman Brothers and the fall of AIG have not just shaken the financial community to its core, which has sent reverberations worldwide, its leaders have also come under fire. But there's more to these highly-publicised institutional collapses than meets the eye, according to Subramanian Rangan, Associate Professor of Strategy and Management at INSEAD.

Leadership & Organisations

The leadership circle

“Leaders get the best out of followers and followers get the best out of leaders,” says Manfred Kets De Vries, Clinical Professor of Leadership Development at INSEAD. The connection between leaders and their staff is only one of many circular connections he sees.

Leadership & Organisations

Effecting change management: a reality with the LingHe Simulation?

With China’s business environment undergoing fast and significant change – partially driven by the introduction of information and communication technologies into business relationships – managers now need to be more effective than ever in implementing change within their organisations.

Leadership & Organisations

Call me anything except Junior

The new Oliver Stone film W explores an important concern for business and wealthy families - how parent-child relationships shape a child's personality development and, specifically, individual drives and motivations. The coming of age drama could be many family businesses where a feckless son struggles to redeem himself by overtaking his preferred younger sibling to succeed his father as head of the family dynasty.

Leadership & Organisations

How much diversity is too much?

For French carmaker Renault, diversity – men and women, young and old, engineers and non-engineers, different nationalities – means increased creativity, imagination and performance.


What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

When you are being hounded by the tax authorities because you can’t pay your personal taxes, and when your company has just 30,000 euros left in the bank but is burning 200,000 euros a month - you don’t really feel very successful. This was the situation Gilles Babinet experienced – many times, in fact. It’s also a common occurrence in entrepreneurship, he said during his opening keynote address at the first INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Forum.
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Leadership & Organisations

Unshackling the ‘double bind’

Few women have succeeded in shattering the glass ceiling. Even those who have achieved phenomenal success in their respective fields have taken a few hard knocks along the way.


Riding the ‘earning horse’: Indian Railways

INSEAD Knowledge

Indian Railways is the world’s largest employer and one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, carrying some 17 million people and more than one million tonnes of freight daily. It was, however, until very recently, a loss-making organisation, which was heading for bankruptcy. Starting his term in 2004 with a budget of just $200 million with which to save the national institution, India’s Minister of Railways Lalu Prasad engineered a dramatic turnaround. Last year, Indian Railways’ revenue came to $6 billion.

Leadership & Organisations

The Momentum Effect

CEOs dream of delivering efficient and sustainable growth – growth that would put serious distance between them and their competitors. Unfortunately, the way most large corporations generate growth is so expensive and inefficient that for most firms, meaningful, market-beating growth has remained just that – a dream. Until now.