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How to Shoot for the Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing

Abhishek Borah

Quality, consistent and simple messaging is what will bring in sales. The rest is just noise.


Healthy in the Wrong Way: When Food Marketers Don’t Listen

P. Chandon, R. Cadario

The meaning of “healthy” is constantly evolving, and food marketers are not always meeting consumers’ expectations.


Consumer Streaks Are Motivating – The Key Is Keeping Them Alive

A. Barasch, J. Silverman

People often go out of their way to repeat a behaviour if it is logged and highlighted to them.
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Why the Customer Isn’t Always Right

Alixandra Barasch

Consumer behaviour on food-logging tools reveals initial expectations don’t match actual experience.


Mind the Inventory Risk: Price Paradox Under Competition

A. Ovchinnikov, H. Pun, G. Raz

In competitive environments, operational innovation could well be the answer to inventory risk.


Unlock the Full Value of Your Business Relationships

Christoph Senn

A fruitful relationship starts with asking the right – and sometimes difficult – questions.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes. They May Just Have More Willpower

Amit Bhattacharjee

We instinctively see people with stronger self-control as more virtuous and more capable of realising good intentions.


The Pitfalls of Flaunting Your Social Status

A. Barasch, S. Srna, D. Small

Ditch the luxury logos if you want to be seen as a cooperative team player.
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Economics & Finance

Where a Firm’s Value Truly Lies

F. Belo, M. A. Vitorino

A new approach to uncovering the sum of all the parts of a modern firm.


Why Facebook Is Rebranding Itself as Meta

Klaus Wertenbroch

Is the tech company dodging bad publicity or creating a gatekeeper economy?


Why Investors’ Memories May Be Bad for Their Wealth

D. Walters, P. Fernbach

How positive bias can lead overconfident investors to inflate the size of their wins and forget their losses.


Marketing Automation: Utopia or Dystopia?

Klaus Wertenbroch

Firms must take consumer psychology into account and resist the temptation to maximise short-term profits at the cost of consumers.


We All Want to Be Good – Then Life Happens

Stephanie Lin

Starting with the best of intentions, people overestimate their ability to follow through.


How Social Media Makes for Happier Families

David Dubois

There is a hydraulic relationship between domestic happiness and exposure to social media content opposite to our views.


How Tech Can Make You Happier, Fitter and More Popular

Alixandra Barasch

Three rules to optimise the influence of your smartphone on your well-being.