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Partnership between INSEAD and THE KLU

Luk Van Wassenhove

Cereal, not just cell phones. Logistics is not only about the transport of electronic gadgets and other consumer goods from the emerging markets to the affluent West; it’s also about the lifeblood of millions of people receiving humanitarian aid in the most poverty and war-stricken areas around the globe.


Kuehne & Nagel

The Kuehne family started shipping goods throughout Germany more than 125 years ago. Today, Kuehne and Nagel is one of the world’s largest logistics firms, a key element in the global economy. They did it by focusing on staff development.


Academic literature on new media

Recently a colleague of mine has asked me what would be the key academic papers on the topic of “new media”. It took me a few hours to think through the request not because I didn’t remember the papers but rather because I had a hard time to categorize them around themes that are relevant for the topic. Finally, I have settled for the following list of papers and categories. No wonder, the list is heavily biased towards my research. Sorry for this.


Technology über alles

The death of Apple’s Steve Jobs has made the world reflect on how technology – not a little of that because of Jobs – has changed the way we spend our time: online, with music, just “being connected” with the world at large. It’s also an opportunity to take a look at Apple’s “seeds” and what those companies are doing today, thanks in no small part to the refocusing of the industry to which Jobs and his company contributed.


Fair Trade?

Hardly a week goes by without yet another milestone for “ethically labeled” products. You know, the products that are labeled “Fair Trade,” “Organic,” “Green,” and so on. Here’s a recent report, for example, that says that 10,000 products are now sold with a Fair Trade certification in the U.S., and that sales of such products are up 63% in the last QUARTER! In markets such as the United Kingdom, more than one of every five cups of coffee sold is fair trade labeled.


Is food marketing making us fat?

Are we to blame for the obesity epidemic? Or the people who sell the food to us? New research shows that packaging and position, not just advertising, are at least part of the problem.


Controlling the urge

Does the ability to control one urge extend over the ability to control other urges? For example, the urge to control a full bladder? New research by INSEAD visiting professor of marketing Mirjam Tuk proves it can – and not only that: the decisions you make when under the “urge to purge” are actually better than those made under “normal” circumstances.


What the heck is a brand anyway?

We use the term “brand” with such frequency, such alacrity, and such assurance, you’d almost think we know what it means.


A thirst for social media

The maker of one of the world’s leading brands is targeting tech-savvy younger consumers. It’s not your usual marketing campaign.


Should Facebook consider breaking itself up?

At some point in the future regulators may look at the industry and argue that dominant social networks are “natural monopolies” with too great a concentration of market power. But long before that hypothetical eventuality, is it smart strategy forFacebook to break itself up?

Economics & Finance

China and luxury: A rekindled romance

Luxury is all about dreams. It represents the best. So says Marketing Professor Li Fei of Tsinghua University, China, in a recent interview for the Chinese media. He shares his thoughts with INSEAD Knowledge on the recent boom in this lucrative sector and in a country which shunned luxury and ostentation for almost all of the last century.


Fast fashion meets luxury labels

Take a stroll down London’s Old Bond Street or Milan’s Via Montenapoleone and you will see the latest offerings of Chanel and Gucci: exquisite creations of the finest material and craftsmanship. Hop over to Oxford Street or Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and you will discover the window displays of H&M and Zara are exhibiting pretty much the same designs – albeit with lower quality materials, questionable craftsmanship, and significantly lower prices. Guess which is flush with cash? INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Frederic Godart, has some surprising predictions as to which way this lucrative market is heading.


Keeping spirits up in a downturn

Grace Segran reports from London on the current state of the spirits industry.


Indo-vation: tapping the Indian market

Two decades of trials have placed L'Oreal high in the Indian beauty market. But with still low penetration levels and cut-throat competition, where are the company's next opportunities


The price of perception

How much is Tiger Woods worth to an advertiser? What is the value of Facebook or Bebo? The answers are all different, but they all come down to perception. We find out more from INSEAD Professors Annet Aris and Steven Sweldens.

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