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Putting Covid-19 Testing to the Test

Prashant Yadav

The pandemic has underscored the chronically poor testing capacity and calls for diagnostics strategies at the national level.


Want to Help Ukrainian Refugees? Don't Send Random Stuff

Luk Van Wassenhove

An open letter urging well-intentioned donors to think twice before inadvertently doing more harm than good.


‘Tech for Good’ Needs a ‘Good Tech’ Approach

T. Evgeniou, L. Van der Heyden

Responsible practices using tested processes must be the focus when creating new technology.

Leadership & Organisations

AI: A World of New Opportunity and Risk

T. Evgeniou, K. Firth-Butterfield, A. Sarkar, C. Zimmerman

A new toolkit for C-suite execs on how to responsibly adopt artificial intelligence.
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Using the Global Goals as a Systemic Approach to Relief

M. Besiou, A. Pedraza-Martinez, L. Van Wassenhove

With the UN SDGs as a guide, how can non-profits and NGOs do their work while considering long-term impact?


Boosting Vaccine Production Needs the Right Degree of Flexibility

P. Yadav, A. Désir

The unequal access to Covid-19 vaccines stems from production shortfalls. Building more flexibility into manufacturing processes can help – here’s how.


Improving Women’s Access to Mobile Family Planning Services

Luk Van Wassenhove

Cash-strapped NGOs could reach more clients in rural areas – at no extra cost – by basing their visit frequency on data instead of habits.


How to Create a Safe (and Open) Online Space

F. Candelon, L. de Franssu, T. Evgeniou

Regulatory and business challenges must be met for an internet that is both safe and allows for freedom of expression.


When the Problem Isn’t the Problem

L. Van Wassenhove, P. Yadav

Private healthcare facilities in low- and middle-income countries may not have all medical supplies in stock, but collaboration mitigates individual clinic level shortages. Policy design should not ignore this.


Why Targeted Lockdowns Could Be Better for Everyone

D. F. Ciocan, D. Iancu, S. Zoumpoulis

Covid lockdowns may be with us for a long time to come, but they could be made sharper, less painful and possibly even more effective.


How Online Product Reviews Affect Market Share

H. Cho, M. Sosa, S. Hasija

To find out how user-generated content affects your bottom line, you need a fine-tuned strategy for data analysis.


How a Second Opinion Could Help Curb the Opioid Crisis

Michael Freeman

Altering management decisions early in the process can have a significant impact on long-term opioid use.


Putting People at the Centre of Operations

Guillaume Roels

The field of operations management has deep roots in developing effective processes for people. How can we encourage further growth in this area?


Overcoming Barriers to Supply Chain Agility

A. Gumaledar, S. Hasija, P. Padmanabhan

A careful look at how some firms responded to the Covid-19 crisis reveals a new, more effective supply chain frontier.


How the SDGs Can Change Your Organisation, From the Inside Out

A Atasu, M Sosa, L Van Wassenhove

Put the framework at the heart of your sustainability strategy. Start by using it to audit your internal resources.