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Who cares for society?

The economic crisis has put most governments on an austerity programme, cutting social benefits at a time when demand for such services is skyrocketing. Enlightened businesspeople can make a difference as social entrepreneurs.


Microfinance takes root in Pakistan

Sadaffe Abid spent much of the last 14 years building what is now one of Pakistan’s leading micro-finance institutions. Drawing on her experience, she offers tips for social entrepreneurs worldwide.


From poverty to entrepreneurship

One social entrepreneur seeks to elevate those at the bottom of the pyramid in Bangladesh. But can she navigate the straits between government, the private sector and Mother Nature?

Economics & Finance

The corruption trap

Emerging markets are where money is to be made: pent up consumer demand, cheap labour, few regulations. But just under the surface lies the murky world of corruption, ready to derail even the most scrupulous businessperson. Now what?


An entrepreneur lights the way in Africa

Sameer Hajee (MBA '04D) has the indefatigable energy and solid optimism that entrepreneurs need to succeed. These days he is also breathing a bit easier. A major investment player – Merrill Lynch-Bank of America – has just given him scale-up funding in the form of carbon credit purchases to move his Nuru Lighting company to the next tier. INSEAD Knowledge first started to follow Hajee’s story in December 2009. This is the latest chapter…


Cabbages, condoms and bamboo schools

Recovering costs and generating revenues goes hand-in-hand with one group’s approach to eradicating poverty and empowering rural communities in South East Asia.


Rethinking nuclear energy

The terrible and devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan did not just take a toll on human lives, it also took a toll on our future in terms of energy development, particularly with nuclear power. Paul Kleindorfer, INSEAD Professor of Sustainable Development discusses the implications with INSEAD Knowledge.


Billionaires and mud huts

Asia may be today’s economic miracle but too little water and too much poverty could derail the growth engine of the world. Zoe McKay talked with global strategist, Ravi Fernando.


Hope, havoc, disillusion and back again?

What changed between Copenhagen and Cancun on the climate change agenda? Benjamin Warr of INSEAD's Social Innovation Centre shares his views.


The art of the deal: Is ethics in the picture?

Can you walk away from the negotiating table with a contract in your pocket and your ethics intact? Here we present the third and final instalment in a series of articles on value negotiation.


Putting a price tag on corporate social responsibility

INSEAD professor Theo Vermaelen makes his case for CSR equity carve-outs.


The sweatshop on your conscience

Lower consumer prices and higher profit margins take the spotlight off poor working conditions in cheap labour markets. Changing those practices is as much a responsibility of the marketer and consumer as it is of the supplier. INSEAD professor N.Craig Smith explains how and why responsible consumerism matters.


The farmer, the scientist and the nuclear engineer

A report from INSEAD's Alumni Sustainability Executive Roundtable in Fontainbleau.


Western economies need to adapt

No longer content to be cost and talent arbitrage destinations, emerging markets are becoming hotbeds of innovation, says SD Shibulal, co-founder of Infosys Technologies, one of India's leading IT firms


Business ideas for social change

Business schools teach that markets and best practice should be leveraged to increase profits. But can they also be used to create social change?
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