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Economics & Finance

Corporate Funding Gap and the Role of Fintech

Nicolò Maneri & Jean Dermine

Financing for small and medium enterprises is limited in many parts of the world. Is P2P lending the magic bullet to narrow the funding gap?


Unearthing the Roots of Systemic Racism

F. Henderson, Z. Kinias

Dislodging deep-seated racism will require a comprehensive long-term strategy on the part of leaders, organisations and business schools.
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Making the “New Normal” Better for Women

How individuals and organisations can keep progressing towards gender balance, in our profoundly disrupted world.


Disruption as a Force for Good? Gender Balance and COVID-19

Zoe Kinias & Vinika D. Rao

The pandemic may disproportionately affect women around the world – but it need not imperil the hard-earned progress towards gender balance.


How the SDGs Can Power Innovation

Risk-averse industries like the energy sector should use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the inspiration for new challenges.


Blending Public and Private Value Creation at Natura

Aline Gatignon & Laurence Capron

One major, home-grown firm in Brazil offers a successful, impactful business model to overcome skill and talent scarcity.


In Times of Crisis, You Can Help More Than You Think

Amit Bhattacharjee

If you’re reading this, you probably have the wherewithal to help others hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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COVID-19: What Every Business Can Do to Help

Katell Le Goulven

How large corporations, SMEs and society can work together during this time of crisis.
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Collaboration Unlocks Global Health Solutions

Rachael Noyes

Business is a force for good in global healthcare when partnered with academia and non-profits.
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The Force for Good Spectrum: Using Business as a Tool

Jasjit Singh

It is time to move beyond the debate between “win-win” and “trade-offs”. The right avenue for achieving social impact depends on the setting.


Climate Change: Evading the “Too Late, Too Costly” Trap

Taimur Baig & Vinika D. Rao

A new crop of rational, well-groomed climate sceptics is pushing a persuasive brand of defeatism that the world cannot afford.


Why Social Enterprises Still Matter in an Age of “Win-Win”

Mainstream companies often fail to serve critical societal needs when profits and impact do not align. The answer? Employ business just as a tool, without taking profit maximisation as a constraint.
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How Sugar Could Save the Borneo Rainforest

Dominique Lecossois

The right business model could unlock the economic and environmental potential of the Arenga palm tree.


Climate Crisis: From Dreams to Hope

Hubert Gatignon

Sustainable trends in business need to focus on facts, rather than on romantic ideas about the environment.
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Supply Chain Solutions for Healthcare Inequality

Atalay Atasu

Hospitals in developed countries have more supplies than they need; those in less fortunate countries lack the basics. Academic research can help close the gap.