Amine Ouazad

Amine Ouazad was an Assistant Professor of Economics at INSEAD. He is now a professor at Ecole polytechnique. He holds a PhD from the Paris School of Economics -- European Doctoral Program, joint with the London School of Economics -- and graduated from the Ecole polytechnique in 2003. Amine is also an associate researcher at the Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and an associate researcher at CREST-INSEE.
He has been teaching MBAs (Core courses called Prices and Markets) and PhDs (Econometrics "Big data" and Microeconomics) at INSEAD since 2008. Previously he was teaching microeconomics for four years at the London School of Economics, the Institute for Political Science in Paris, "Sciences Po", and ENSAE. Prior to joining INSEAD faculty in 2008, Amine has been a research associate at the London School of Economics, a junior researcher at CREST-INSEE, and a visiting researcher at Princeton University.
Amine's research looks at the impact of markets on social outcomes using very rich microeconomic data. In particular, Amine has conducted research and consultancy for the French and British governments. His work has been quoted by leading American, British, Dutch, French, German, Emirati newspapers:  Washington Post,  Les Echos,  Wall Street Journal, Real Time Economics,  Wirtschaftswoche( die Zeit),  the Daily Telegraph, and others. He is regularly invited by France 24 English to debate on the US and the French economy. 
He has presented his work at the London School of Economics, the University of Amsterdam, Princeton University, Boston College, Columbia University, Duke University, the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia, Uppsala University, the Paris School of Economics, Georgetown Business School, the University of Texas in Austin, University College London, the European Institute in Florence, Cornell University, Carlos III in Madrid, New York University, CREST-INSEE, the University of Bonn, the University of Michigan and other places.  
He is a referee for the  Economic Journal, the  Review of Economic Studies, the  Journal of Labor Economics, the  American Economic Review, the  Scandinavian Review of Economics.
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