Anil Gaba

Anil Gaba is a Professor of Decision Sciences, the Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk Management and Academic Director at the Centre for Decision Making and Risk Analysis at INSEAD.

Anil received his Ph.D. in Decision Sciences at Duke University in the United States. His research, in the area of assessment and use of subjective information, and analysis of decisions under risk and uncertainty, has appeared in several academic journals such as Management ScienceOperations ResearchMarketing Science, andJournal of Risk and Uncertainty. He is a co-author (with S. Makridakis and R. Hogarth) of the book Dance with Chance: Making Luck Work For You.

Anil teaches courses on Uncertainty, Data, and Judgment (MBA), Probability and Statistics (PhD), and Bayesian Analysis (PhD). In addition, he teaches modules on Judgments & Decision Making and Risk Management in several executive development programmes all over the world including Europe, United States, China, Singapore, India, and the Middle East. He has won the Outstanding Teacher Award INSEAD MBA Core Course (Uncertainty, Data, and Judgment) ten times.

He is a regular consultant and keynote speaker at various multinationals in areas of judgments & decision making and risk management.

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