Dr. Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau

Elif is a senior research fellow at INSEAD’s Innovation & Policy Initiative, working on knowledge mapping for emerging knowledge-based economy. She holds a PhD in international economics from University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Elif’s research interests relate to three inter-related areas. One strand focuses on how firms develop their innovation strategies and methods in order to maintain or increase their competitiveness, focusing particularly on service innovation, servitisation and open innovation strategies. The second relates to internal and external sources of innovation capabilities in small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in emerging countries. She is also interested in intellectual property rights and the analysis of patents and design rights.

Prior to joining INSEAD, Elif was a Research Fellow at the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC), at the University of Cambridge, and a Research Associate in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at Imperial College Business School. She is also a Research Affiliate at the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge.

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