Filip Hron

Filip is a Lecturer at INSEAD, where he teaches negotiation across a variety of executive programs. This includes public programs as well as tailored in-house programs, e.g. market access negotiations for pharmaceutical companies in Asia, Europe and USA. 

Filip’s broader negotiation experience includes having taught negotiation at a dozen universities and graduate business schools, provided negotiation services for several negotiation companies, and collaborated with a range of experts in international, commercial and crisis/hostage negotiation. In the process he has coached hundreds of executives across 43 countries and consulted on billion dollar negotiations. He has run nearly 300 programs for over 10 000 individuals from all corners of the world, with participants from senior executive leadership across business, NGOs, academia, government, judiciary, military and law-enforcement. Filip also maintains current accreditation in hostage negotiation and regularly volunteers as a suicide hotline crisis supporter. 

In 2013 Filip published Negotiation Evolved, a book co-authored by former commanders of police hostage negotiation in Australia and Czech Republic. He is now working on Crisis Negotiation Evolved, with input from over a dozen seasoned experts in hostage, crisis, kidnap and ransom negotiations. Filip has also contributed articles to INSEAD Knowledge such as "When I Found the Salesperson’s Script", "Negotiating the Sydney Siege", "Stop Selling" and "Negotiations Should Never come Down to Price".  

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