Lee Seok Hwai

Lee Seok Hwai is a Senior Editor at INSEAD Knowledge. She works closely with the school's world-class faculty to craft thought leadership articles based on rigorous research and rich expertise. Before joining INSEAD, Seok Hwai was a journalist for 15 years with The Straits Times, the main newspaper in Singapore. Her work covered politics, social and economic developments in Greater China, Southeast Asia and beyond, and was published in regional newspapers. For three years until 2013, she was The Straits Times' sole correspondent in Taiwan and consistently delivered in-depth news reports, analyses and feature articles on one of Asia's largest economies.

Seok Hwai graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA in Chinese Studies and Psychology. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English and, of course, Singlish. She has a keen interest in visual art, history, cultures and the environment. 

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