Marco Minervini

Marco Minervini is a post-doctoral fellow in Organisations and Algorithms at INSEAD.

Marco’s research focuses on two main streams:

1. The interaction between organisations and algorithms, i.e.

  • How organisations and organisation designs are being shaped by algorithms, in their role as models, tools and intelligent agents.
  • How actors in sectors where data access is fragmented (should) organise to pool data and what are the implications of different collaborative solutions on algorithms quality.

2. The study of space as a tool for organisational design, i.e.

  • How all-remote companies manage to work at large scale.
  • How changes in physical collocation affect employees interaction and performance and how can be employed as an organisational design lever.

Marco obtained his PhD (in Public Policy with concentration in Management and Health Policy) at Bocconi University in 2020.

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