Diversity |
Horacio Falcão, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences

In cross-cultural negotiations, be aware of cultural differences but don’t feel you have to adapt your behaviour.

Without a strong brand-building philosophy, many developing companies may never truly emerge to global prominence.

Family-owned companies have entrenched cultures and values. Outsiders are needed to balance such firms, but they must tread...

Strategy |

If managed wisely, big data can help manufacturers make continuous, and ultimately sustainable, improvements in processes and product quality.

Corporate governance |

Creating a sustainable future takes more than good intentions. Boards of directors have an obligation to help drive a strategic approach to corporate sustainability.

Do you trust with your head or with your heart? There is a big difference between cultures when it comes to building trust, and...

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The revival of McDonald’s will be a detailed, painful, disciplined and comprehensive journey but an essential one.

Managing several products in a rapidly changing consumer goods industry is no easy task. They key is simplicity. For...