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Local Innovation as a Driver of Global Development

Prashant Yadav

To achieve critical development goals, we need to champion local, innovative solutions to social problems.


Solving Grand Societal Challenges Through Creative Organisation Design

A. Szerb, I. Kivleniece, V. A. Aggarwal

Combining for-profit entrepreneurship with a non-profit social mission through novel organisation design can achieve scale and impact.


Confronting Climate Change in Africa

V. D. Rao, P. Yadav

Experts discuss how the climate emergency is impacting Africa – and how leaders across the continent are taking action to mitigate it.


Empowering Public Health Leaders in Africa

L. Van Wassenhove, P. Lalvani

A unique programme to foster leadership and supply chain skills through public-private capacity-building efforts.


Are Our Supply Chains Ready for the Next Global Health Crisis?

Prashant Yadav

We need resilient healthcare supply chains to prepare for the next global health emergency. Here’s how to do it.


Lessons in Sustainable Change Management: #deCOALonize Kenya

W. Mungai, L. White, Z. Kinias

The campaign to prevent the construction of a coal power plant on an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean.


Improving Women’s Access to Mobile Family Planning Services

Luk Van Wassenhove

Cash-strapped NGOs could reach more clients in rural areas – at no extra cost – by basing their visit frequency on data instead of habits.

Economics & Finance

How Africa Could Astonish the World

P. Yadav, V. D. Rao

Already the most dynamic and youngest continent, Africa could be the world’s next growth miracle – with the right type of leadership.
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Africa’s Drone Medical Delivery Service Saves Lives in Lockdown

Lee Seok Hwai

Could airborne despatch of medical supplies also be the answer to the needs of developed countries?

Leadership & Organisations

The Powerful Leadership of African Women

Lucy Quist

Six women leading the way and inspiring others to realise their potential.

Leadership & Organisations

Three Keys to Creating Prosperity in Africa

Lucy Quist

While each country must find its own path, every leader working on the continent must commit to improving its brand equity.


Market Segmentation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Isabelle Laporte

Serving the poorest requires using a micro-lens to fully understand their needs and challenges.