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Family Business

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Family Business

Will the Next Founders of Family Firms Please Stand Up?

Bala Vissa

Family enterprises can rise to new heights by rediscovering their entrepreneurial DNA.

Leadership & Organisations

Ten Ways Boards Need to Transform

Annet Aris

How governance must pivot in the face of accelerating change.


A Simple Corporate Strategy for a Better Political Game

Xiaowei Rose Luo

Even within the same government, different branches may have divergent goals. Here’s how firms can play this to their advantage.

Family Business

The Power of Distinct Owners as Value Catalysts

M. Massa, L. Van der Heyden, K. Taraporevala

Uncovering the unique elements owners need to achieve business success and resilience.

Family Business

A Career in the Family Business: Duty or Choice?

M. Bennedsen, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Would-be joiners of family businesses can have their cake and eat it – if they get the ingredients right.

Family Business

Preserving the Multiplicity of Voices in French Fine Wines

Antoine Duvauchelle

An INSEAD conference for family-owned French wine estates reveals important lessons for the continuity of excellence in other sectors.
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Family Business

When Two Leaders Collide, the Result Can Be Less Fraud

Y. Guo, X. R. Luo, D. Li

When the head of a family firm ranks lower in the family hierarchy than another leader at that firm, the misalignment can help prevent fraud in the emerging market context.

Family Business

A Different Kind of Family Firm Hiding in Plain Sight

Morten Bennedsen

The link between ownership and control is tenuous in a certain type of family firm.

Family Business

Professionalising the Family Firm

R. Noyes, M. Bennedsen

A conversation about the opportunities and threats that spur families into action.

Family Business

Why Family CEOs Outperform Their Non-Family Predecessors

Morten Bennedsen

Pitfalls and solutions for non-family chief executives.

Family Business

When Nepotism Pads CEO Pay: Evidence From Indian Family Firms

Balagopal Vissa

Poor corporate governance in emerging economies allows some publicly listed family firms to use CEO pay to exploit corporate resources at the expense of minority shareholders.

Family Business

What Distinguishes Europe’s Family Business Champions from the Rest

A. von Stauffenberg, C. Zeisberger

Where do Europe’s family firms stand globally, in terms of creating sustainable, long-term value?

Family Business

The Key to Making Succession Work in Family Business

J. Bai Li, H. Piezunka

Transferring power to the younger generation can be profoundly disorienting – but help can be found in surprising quarters.

Family Business

Russia’s Stealth Family Businesses

S. Shekshnia, V. Zagieva, A. Matveeva

A challenging environment and historical baggage hinder Russian family companies from achieving their full potential.

Family Business

Successful Family Firms Shoot for the Moon

R. Carlock. K-F. Loh

For family firms, plotting ambitious futures is like planning a space venture.