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AI: Disruption and Adaptation

Dissecting the transformative power of AI.

Delve deeper into developments in artificial intelligence, especially the disruptions across value chains. This series examines AI’s impact on a range of sectors, including business consulting, education and the media. It also sizes up the regulatory and ethical questions tied to this game-changing technology.  

Dissecting the transformative power of AI.

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Leadership & Organisations

What Business Leaders Really Think About Generative AI

Jason P. Davis

An INSEAD survey offers insights on who will benefit from AI, how attitudes differ in Europe, America and Asia, and when the AGI future will arrive.


To Use AI Tools Smartly, Think Like a Strategist

Phanish Puranam

Consider how specific AI tools will impact your own skills and capabilities.
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Leave Intuition to the Machines

A. Lawson, M. Lobo, P. Puranam

Is it time for System 3 thinking by humans?

Economics & Finance

How Web3 and AI Will Transform Finance

J. Davis, J. Kasko

Artificial intelligence and crypto are not only reinventing financial products and delivery, but also influencing who gets to participate.

Leadership & Organisations

OpenAI's Crisis Is Yet Another Wake-Up Call

T. Evgeniou, Y. Lechell, L. Van der Heyden

Effective governance can save AI doomers, accelerationists, altruists and techno-capitalists from themselves.


Ten Ways AI Is Transforming Marketing

H. Mann, J. Niessing

Firms will soon be able to decode the unsaid when interacting with consumers – in fact, some already do.


How Anti-Discriminatory Measures Can Worsen AI Bias

Anton S. Ovchinnikov

Removing gender-related data from machine-learning models may paradoxically harm women instead of protecting them.


Mastering the Game: The Advantage of AI Training

Henning Piezunka

In the same way chess computers gave players a competitive edge, AI has the power to elevate skills and enhance performance.

Economics & Finance

Managing Systemic Risks in Tech: Lessons from Finance

F. Candelon, D. Martinez, P. Nathanial, T. Evgeniou, L. Van der Heyden

The financial sector's track record in risk management offers invaluable lessons for the tech industry.


How LLMs Can Change the Way We Strategise

E. Ilseven, Y. Doz

LLMs have notable limitations when it comes to strategy formulation, but deliberately imperfect prompts can challenge conventional thinking.


Democracy, Defence and Conflict in the Age of AI

Rachel Eva Lim

How can we ensure that AI fosters, rather than undermines, democratic values?


Must AI Accuracy Come at the Cost of Comprehensibility?

F. Candelon, T. Evgeniou, D. Martens

Companies looking to integrate AI in their operations should think twice before turning their backs on simpler, more explainable AI algorithms in favour of complex ones.
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Navigating Trust and Safety in the World of Generative AI

T. Evgeniou, J. Dunn, A. Hunsberger

The new generation of artificial intelligence can help defend against online harms – if we can effectively manage the risks.


How AI Can Improve Human Performance

F. Gaessler, H. Piezunka

AI training enhances strategic skills, especially in lower-skilled individuals. But it isn’t a perfect substitute for human training partners.


ChatGPT and AI Disruption: Is Consulting Next in Line?

Phil Parker

Consultants need to up their game to match algorithms’ ability to provide affordable strategic due diligence.