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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

INSEAD examines anti-racism, gender balance and other key topics related to creating fairer, more representative organisations.

As society increasingly demands more inclusive leadership and culture, INSEAD is actively studying and engaging business leaders and practitioners on anti-racism, gender balance and other key topics related to creating fairer, more representative organisations. In this series, INSEAD faculty and their close collaborators with rich experience in practice give their insights and suggestions on how to develop diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in businesses and organisations. 

INSEAD examines anti-racism, gender balance and other key topics related to creating fairer, more representative organisations.

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What Female Artists Can Do About Discrimination

Henrich Greve

Participation in residency programmes and access to elite education can enhance the opportunities available to women artists.

Economics & Finance

Bridging Prosperity and Need

Alexandra Roulet

A country's overall economic figures don't always speak to the difficulty of life for many people. Even Singapore needs a food bank.


Bringing DEI into the Core of Our Institutions

M. Akinola, Z. Kinias, M. Norton, B. Kessler

Implementing DEI concepts effectively in business-school classrooms requires support from both institutions and the wider community.


The Impact of Investor Gender on Female Founders

K. Snellman, I. Solal

Female-led start-ups backed only by female venture capitalists have a harder time raising follow-on capital.


Business Schools Can Help ‘Break the Bias’ for Women

Zoe Kinias

Institutions like INSEAD are uniquely equipped to address systemic biases.

Leadership & Organisations

How Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Rule Creates Potential for Real Change

F. Henderson, Z. Kinias, C. Zeisberger

The new rules requiring qualitative and quantitative disclosure about board diversity will better inform investors and (hopefully) spur further progress.


Why Allyship Is Key to Gender Balance

I. Mihov, Z. Kinias

To achieve equity, both men and women must advocate for it.


Recognising and Confronting Racism in Europe

Felicia A. Henderson

Systemic racism is not only an American problem. The European experience demands a different kind of anti-racist conversation.
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Developing Quality Conversations About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

M. Akinola, E. Kelly, Z. Kinias, M. Norton

Organisations – including business schools – are increasingly focused on expanding their DEI capabilities. Consider these best practices for productive conversations around DEI.


DEI When We Need It the Most

V. D. Rao, C. Trombini, Z. Kinias

Covid-related setbacks require redoubled DEI efforts, but are companies delivering?

Leadership & Organisations

Strategy and Leadership Lessons From the ‘Notorious RBG’

C. Lin, F. A. Henderson, Z. Kinias

As the business world increasingly strives to be a catalyst for social justice and societal progress, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work provides many valuable lessons for leaders.


How Disempowerment Drives Demand for Risky Skin-Lightening Products

Zoe Kinias & Jasjit Singh

Empowering darker-skinned women in emerging markets acts as a buffer against a toxic combination of sexism, colourism and economic disadvantage.


How LGBTQ+ Employees Can Embrace Authenticity

Antoine Tirard & Claire Harbour

Four professionals with different sexual orientations and gender identities describe their journeys.


Healing the Social Wounds of Injustice

Michael Jarrett

Sigmund Freud’s concept of the pleasure principle offers clarity on how to repair fragmented societies in the aftermath of destructive populism.

Leadership & Organisations

The Music Industry’s Best-Kept Secret? A Gender Creativity Gap

Female solo artists are more likely to put out more creative songs than their male counterparts. The key question is why. Gender inequality and representation in the industry may hold the answer.
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