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Why Not Enough Women Are Senior Leaders

A. Roulet, A. Lawson

True parity in the workplace is still a distant goal. INSEAD faculty outline why women aren’t advancing and the role gender stereotypes play.


How Overconfidence Affects CEOs’ Investment Decisions

Guoli Chen

In uncertain climates, overconfident CEOs tend to invest less in assets that allow a firm to maintain strategic flexibility compared to non-overconfident CEOs.

Leadership & Organisations

Braggy Bosses Can Boost Their Teams

K. Nault, A. Yap

We love bosses who brag about their accomplishments – and loathe colleagues who do the same.

Leadership & Organisations

OpenAI's Crisis Is Yet Another Wake-Up Call

T. Evgeniou, Y. Lechell, L. Van der Heyden

Effective governance can save AI doomers, accelerationists, altruists and techno-capitalists from themselves.


AI Is Coming for All Our Jobs... Or Is It?

Rachel Eva Lim

How leaders, employees and organisations can better prepare themselves for the impact of AI.

Leadership & Organisations

How Networks Actually Harm Organisations

Jason P. Davis

Digital technologies create digital relationships that limit companies ability to innovate and change.

Leadership & Organisations

Ten Ways Boards Need to Transform

Annet Aris

How governance must pivot in the face of accelerating change.

Leadership & Organisations

INSEAD Insights: November 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on human morality, publishing cycles, manufacturing in low-income markets, virtual assessments in acute care services and sarcasm.

Leadership & Organisations

Escape the Grip of Greed and Envy

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Six steps to overcome the twin terrors of greed and envy and embrace being “good enough”.

Leadership & Organisations

The Pitfalls of Giving Feedback Across Genders

Erin Meyer

To best navigate gender divides, pay attention to perceived power imbalances.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Handle Dominant Leaders

Graham Ward

Is your boss acting like a guru? Take charge by asserting yourself and setting clear boundaries.

Leadership & Organisations

Why You’re Missing Out on the Best Ideas

S.Park, H. Piezunka, L. Dahlander

Businesses and leaders influence the kinds of ideas they receive without even realising it.


How Does Self-Serving Attribution Affect Strategic Decisions?

Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim

How a firm evaluates its past alliance performance can influence its choice between future alliances and acquisitions.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Handle Foolish People

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Exploring the roots of stupidity and strategies to combat the ignorance of others.

Leadership & Organisations

Making Stress Work for Organisations

F. J. Nitsch, L. V. Wassenhove

Moderate stress boosts performance. But can companies determine “optimal" stress levels for their employees?