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Leadership & Organisations

Tackling the Third Sales Transformation

Jean-Claude Larreche

A new business reality has shifted the role of sales professionals within firms.


Connecting Across Disconnections

K. Snellman, D. Pollenne

Amid recent pushback, maintaining robust diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives will require a coordinated, comprehensive approach.


INSEAD Insights: June 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

New findings on factors for successful post-merger integrations, investor behaviour, the benefits of learning from others, how to communicate with investors in tough times and milking brand rivalry.


How to Handle a Toxic Boss

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers.
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Leadership & Organisations

How CEOs Navigate High-Stakes Decisions

S. Olbert, N. Karelaia

Strategies to help leaders make better, more confident decisions under pressure.

Leadership & Organisations

Your Board is Your Best Insurance Against Turbulence

Y. Doz, K.Wilson

Mobilising the collective intelligence of the board may be the best bet to weather any storm.


Four Ways GenAI Can Give You a Competitive Edge

A. Ovchinnikov, D.Dubois, M. Lobo, H. Kim

How to put generative AI to work for your business.

Leadership & Organisations

Collaboration Doesn't Require Physical Proximity

M. Sosa, M. Maoret

Even when colleagues are not in the same office, strong social ties can bridge the gap.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Manage Critical Conversations

Chengyi Lin

A framework for what to do and what to avoid when discussing critical topics with your team.

Leadership & Organisations

Coaching As Collaboration

D. Deasy and E. Li

The benefits of group coaching to the individual and the organisation.

Leadership & Organisations

The Six Dimensions of Winning Teams

A. Goudsmet, L. Van der Heyden

Teams with clear goals, values, rules, roles and processes, backed by full individual commitment, are primed for peak performance.
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Leadership & Organisations

How to Combat an “Always On” Work Culture

W. Jiang, M. Mortensen, A. Yap, S. Harrison

“Right to Disconnect” laws may be a piece of the puzzle. But leaders, managers and employees need to lead the change.


Building Your First Board: Lessons for Founders

S. Shekshnia, V. Vyas

It takes more than intuition and expertise to assemble a team of directors who can help firms stay profitable and healthy.
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Leadership & Organisations

Directors in a VUCA World: Pitfalls and Upsides

Lee Seok Hwai

Shifting geopolitics, emerging technologies, changing climates. How should board directors steer their organisations through it all?

Leadership & Organisations

The Problem with Peer Reviews

H. Klapper, H. Piezunka, L. Dahlander

People leverage 360-degree feedback systems and peer evaluations for personal gain.