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Series Overview

Sustainable Business

AI: Disruption and Adaptation


To Use AI Tools Smartly, Think Like a Strategist

Phanish Puranam

Consider how specific AI tools will impact your own skills and capabilities.

Crossroads: Business & Society


Four Global Trends in Business and Society in 2024

K. Le Goulven, M. Stabile, F. Veloso

Climate change, geopolitical crises, social instability and income and wealth inequality are threats to business – but they also pose opportunities for impact.

Future of Management

Leadership & Organisations

Making Stress Work for Organisations

F. J. Nitsch, L. V. Wassenhove

Moderate stress boosts performance. But can companies determine “optimal" stress levels for their employees?
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Blue Ocean Strategy


A Nondisruptive Approach to the Environment

W. C. Kim, R. Mauborgne, M. Ji

Companies can help the transition to a greener economy without sacrificing their financial interests.

Corporate Governance

Leadership & Organisations

OpenAI's Crisis Is Yet Another Wake-Up Call

T. Evgeniou, Y. Lechell, L. Van der Heyden

Effective governance can save AI doomers, accelerationists, altruists and techno-capitalists from themselves.


Economics & Finance

Covid-19 Furloughs Helped Firms Thrive

M. Bennedsen, B. Larsen, I. Schmutte, D. Scur

Even keeping low-wage workers on the payroll yielded benefits after Covid-19 restrictions ended.

Healthcare Management


Unravelling the Link Between Socioeconomic Status and Obesity

P. Chandon, M. Langlois

A longitudinal study conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic suggests that stress plays a key role in explaining why obesity is more common among the poor than the rich.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


What Female Artists Can Do About Discrimination

Henrich Greve

Participation in residency programmes and access to elite education can enhance the opportunities available to women artists.

Gender Initiative


Why Not Enough Women Are Senior Leaders

A. Roulet, A. Lawson

True parity in the workplace is still a distant goal. INSEAD faculty outline why women aren’t advancing and the role gender stereotypes play.