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Leadership & Organisations

Leading Change in Turbulence: Case of Discovery Inc.

J. Petriglieri, G. Petriglieri, M. Soldi

In this video, Marinella Soldi shares ways to navigate the turbulent waters of digital transformation and why it is important to tackle both the strategic and cultural facets of change.


Only Fools Rush In: Pitfalls of Hasty Problem-Solving

Asher Lawson

Research into mindless maths reveals why it’s crucial to take your time when approaching a problem.


Three Key Global Strategy Challenges Companies Face

Felipe Monteiro

Multinationals are adapting and redesigning their global strategies in response to mounting pressures.


After the Guns Fall Silent, What Then?

Douglas Webber

Would an end of Russia's invasion of Ukraine result in lasting peace for the region?
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Managing in an Unimaginable World

José Santos

Business leaders can leverage serendipity to help their companies deal with far-reaching market shocks.


Collaborations That Are Bad for Business but Benefit Employees

H. Piezunka, T. Grohsjean

Sharing a partner with competing companies hinders the success of firms but helps employees’ careers.


Creating Your Blue Ocean Through Noncustomer Analysis

W. C. Kim, R. Mauborgne, M. Ji

Adopting a blue ocean perspective can allow you to reach beyond your existing industry’s customers.


Can AI Help You Strategise Better?

P. Puranam, P. Sen

Machine learning algorithms can uncover intricate patterns in big data and enable managers to strategise with more confidence.


Do Unconventional Offices Promote Creativity?

M. Sosa, S. Lee

It is widely assumed that unconventionally-designed offices stimulate creativity. But that isn’t always the case – sometimes they may even impede innovation.
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A World at War With Putin’s Regime

Ludo Van der Heyden

To defend democracy, the civilised world needs to stand with Ukraine in securing victory and continue to engage and pressure Russia to reform itself.


Rising to the ESG Challenge: Towards Effective Governance

Geraldine Ee

Boards can drive the ESG agenda effectively by identifying what is material to their organisation and being willing to adapt along the way.


How to Design for Disruption

A. Chadha, S. Hasija

Why a structured approach can turn a volatile world into a growth opportunity.


Speed Kills: Why Some MNCs Fail to Pay Attention to Quality

Quy Huy

When managers are too fixated on quick financial results, ethics and service tend to take a backseat.

Leadership & Organisations

Why Communication Breaks Down

P. Puranam, Ö. Koçak

As workplaces become more diverse and work becomes more distributed, it is more important than ever to converge on a common code for effective communication.


Thinkers50: The Upside of Uncertainty

Rachel Eva Lim

In this Thinkers50 webinar, Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr share practical tools for navigating life’s ambiguities.