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A Simple Phrase for Getting Better Help

K. Kuwabara, Y. Park, K. Nault

Making generalised, not personalised, help requests can improve the quality of help received.


The Power of Public-Private Partnerships

W. Ulaga, M. Adade

How both sectors can collaborate to tackle global challenges.


INSEAD Insights: March 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on the gender gap in start-ups, conspiracy theories, stock price predictions, improving supply chain networks and more.


Six Principles for Successful Multiparty Negotiations

H. Falcao, N. Ferchachi

What managers can learn from COP28, which resulted in nearly 200 nations endorsing a landmark climate accord.


How to Spot the Next Technology Breakthrough

A. Shipilov, F. Burelli

The three factors that can predict which B2C and B2B technologies are about to take off.


Paving the Way for NFTs

P. Zemsky, F. Godart

While specific use cases may warrant regulation, applying broad rules to NFTs would be akin to regulating fire or bricks.

Leadership & Organisations

Winning the Game of Boardroom Chess

M. Jarrett, A. J. Yap, C. LeBaron

How subtle, seemingly innocuous actions can shift the balance of power in your favour.
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Leadership & Organisations

Business and Politics Should Never Mix – Or Should They?

M. Scholz, C. Smith

When companies have a responsibility to speak out on politics.


Chinese Automakers’ Secret to Scaling Up Electric Vehicles

Chengyi Lin

How China’s electric vehicle sector drove to the front of the pack.


To Use AI Tools Smartly, Think Like a Strategist

Phanish Puranam

Consider how specific AI tools will impact your own skills and capabilities.
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Leadership & Organisations

Let’s Get Specific About Kindness in Business

Nadav Klein

Being kind in business has its limits – here’s why you shouldn’t go overboard.
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Boeing’s Tragedy: The Fall of an American Icon

Y. Doz, K. Wilson

The recent Alaska Airlines incident is just the latest in a string of sometimes tragic mishaps by the aircraft manufacturer – where did it all go wrong?


Why Some CEOs Are More Likely to Downsize

Guoli Chen

A firm’s decision on whether to downsize when facing performance shortfalls may depend on the CEO’s internal attribution tendency.

Leadership & Organisations

How Leaders Can Effect Change by Changing Themselves

Narayan Pant

A four-step framework to help leaders look inwards to better lead organisational change.

Leadership & Organisations

INSEAD Insights: January 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on enhancing experiences, gender wage transparency, long-term planning, networks and the dangers of flattery.