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Mine Your Language

Abhishek Borah

How text mining can unearth novel, absorbing and valuable findings.


INSEAD Insights: March 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on the gender gap in start-ups, conspiracy theories, stock price predictions, improving supply chain networks and more.

Economics & Finance

Will the Shifting Economic Power Balance Topple Democracy?

Ilian Mihov

A view on where global democracy stands and where it’s headed in the new economic world order.

Economics & Finance

Key Players in the Indo-Pacific Region

Pushan Dutt

Amid ongoing conflicts, shifting allegiances and incumbents jostling for influence, emerging powers such as India will play an increasingly important role in shaping Indo-Pacific relations.

Economics & Finance

Bridging Prosperity and Need

Alexandra Roulet

A country's overall economic figures don't always speak to the difficulty of life for many people. Even Singapore needs a food bank.

Economics & Finance

When Firms Behave Irrationally

Lin Tian

The actions of firms in low-income countries don’t always match our assumptions.


Why Some CEOs Are More Likely to Downsize

Guoli Chen

A firm’s decision on whether to downsize when facing performance shortfalls may depend on the CEO’s internal attribution tendency.

Economics & Finance

The World Economy in 2024: Are We Back on Track?

INSEAD Knowledge

Professor Antonio Fatás explores the long and short-term trends shaping the global economic landscape.
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The Risks and Rewards of Community-Driven Business Models

J. Singh, A. Adbi and M. Lee

Understanding the hidden dangers of leveraging social capital in low-income communities.

Economics & Finance

When Information Won’t Reduce Stock Price Volatility Immediately

J. W. Bae, F. Belo, J. Li, X. Lin, X. Zhao

Where company disclosures are concerned, “the more the merrier” doesn’t always apply; complexity and timing matter too.

Economics & Finance

How Web3 and AI Will Transform Finance

J. Davis, J. Kasko

Artificial intelligence and crypto are not only reinventing financial products and delivery, but also influencing who gets to participate.

Economics & Finance

INSEAD Insights: December 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on consumer confidence, preventing financial runs, competitor information, regulation and gender bias in the workplace.

Economics & Finance

Thawing US-China Relations: Competition Meets Interdependence

Pushan Dutt

What are the biggest wins from the Biden-Xi meeting on the sidelines of the APEC Forum?


INSEAD Insights: October 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on bias in employee evaluations, shareholder activism, children’s mental health, the meaning of work and knowledge weighting.

Economics & Finance

China: Caught in the Middle-Income Trap?

A. Fatas, I. Mihov

What would it take for China to get back on its growth trajectory?