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Mine Your Language


Mine Your Language

Mine Your Language

How text mining can unearth novel, absorbing and valuable findings.

The emergence of large language models (LLMs) is poised to transform many industries, from entertainment and healthcare to market analysis. Businesses that fail to explore the rich opportunities presented by language technologies may soon find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage. 

We speak to Abhishek Borah, Associate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, about his new book, Mine Your Language: Influence, Engage, Predict, which offers vital insights on how language can be monetised.

With an engaging mix of anecdotes and research, Borah explains how the art of text mining can unlock critical insights from data, a far cry from the expensive and often biased consumer marketing surveys. Billions of people go online every day and leave a trail of opinions about brands. Businesses can mine that treasure trove of information in real time but also across decades. 

In this podcast, Borah also shares about the power of improvised marketing interventions, which can allow a firm to get oversized media visibility by piggybacking on events that grab people’s attention. It’s not just about what you say online, but when and how. 

In another segment, Borah explains how mining the web can help investors reduce the information asymmetry between themselves and firms. He also discusses studies that have shown a link between former United States President Donald Trump’s tweets and the stock market. 

Whether you're a marketing executive seeking branding insights, a content creator, an investor, an entrepreneur or a layperson interested in the power of words, Mine Your Language will take you on an entertaining tour of the latest studies on how language shapes business.

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Mine Your Language: Influence, Engage, Predict is published by Penguin Books. 

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