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Reinventing Yourself After a Setback

F. Godart, A. Tirard, C. Harbour

How to survive a significant career defeat and rebuild your professional and personal life.


A Flexi-Work World Needs New Performance Appraisals

Chengyi Lin

Adopting the right metrics could help align objectives and encourage more companies to embrace flexible work arrangements.


Retirement and Beyond: The Last Days of Executives

Jose-Luis Alvarez

How to plan for the end of the professional life and a smooth transition to retirement.

Leadership & Organisations

How Women Leaders Benefit From Using Humour

Ella Miron-Spektor

New research suggests that being funny helps leaders gain influence, and that women benefit more than men from using humour in public speaking.


Breaking the Cycle of Self-Sabotage

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

A roadmap for identifying and overcoming the self-defeating habits that hold you back.


Why Career Conversations Matter

W. Jiang, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Meaningful discussions between managers and employees build stronger individuals and organisations.


Transcending the Victim Mentality

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

How to overcome feeling like a victim and create a positive, hopeful attitude to life.


What Machine Learning Tells Us About Gender Stereotypes

Rachel Eva Lim

Machine-learning models offer insights into how putting women in leadership positions affects gender stereotypes in the workplace.


What’s Behind the Tech Layoffs?

C. Lin, A. Fatás, H. Bresman, M. Mortensen, W. Jiang

INSEAD faculty on the state of the labour market and what’s to come for firms and employees.


Why Managers are Kinder to Women in Workplace Reviews

L. Jampol, A. Rattan, E. Wolf

Employers are nicer to women because of the stereotype that women are “warmer”. Here’s why that’s a problem.


Can the Grammys’ Best New Artist Curse Be Undone?

S. Harrison, N. Askin, L. Hagtvedt

Groups can stay creative and successful over time – if they don’t chase further acclaim.

Leadership & Organisations

Leading Change in Turbulence: Case of Discovery Inc.

J. Petriglieri, G. Petriglieri, M. Soldi

In this video, Marinella Soldi shares ways to navigate the turbulent waters of digital transformation and why it is important to tackle both the strategic and cultural facets of change.


How to Work Out What Your Employees Really Want

INSEAD Knowledge, M. Mortensen

A holistic approach to understanding employees’ needs.

Family Business

A Career in the Family Business: Duty or Choice?

M. Bennedsen, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Would-be joiners of family businesses can have their cake and eat it – if they get the ingredients right.

Leadership & Organisations

How to Break Free From Herd Mentality

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Nurturing independent thought can help us overcome dangerous sheeple behaviour and groupthink.
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