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When Being Responsive is a Responsibility

A. Atasu, M. Altman, A. Reichel

How Kenvue embraced responsibility to its customers by making its supply chain more responsive to demand.


Four Ways GenAI Can Give You a Competitive Edge

A. Ovchinnikov, D.Dubois, M. Lobo, H. Kim

How to put generative AI to work for your business.


The Rise of the Indo-Pacific in the Global Supply Chain

Sameer Hasija

With an eye on emerging technologies and capability building, Indo-Pacific countries could play an increasing role in the global value chain amid trade tensions.


Why Decarbonisation Is So Hard

Anton S. Ovchinnikov

Despite the clear environmental and long-term economic benefits of reducing carbon emissions, global decarbonisation efforts remain woefully inadequate.


How Long-Termism Can Boost Firm Performance

L. Van Wassenhove, K. Aral, E. Giambona

With the freedom to plan across time horizons, executives are more likely to invest in operational capabilities that can bring long-term shareholder value.


How Seeing a Regular Doctor Improves Primary Care

Michael Freeman

In primary care, patient-doctor continuity not only brings positive health outcomes, but also productivity benefits.

Leadership & Organisations

Cyberloafing Unplugged: Overcoming Online Distractions in the Workplace

Pawel Korzynski

Cyberloafing can be a response to job dissatisfaction associated with high workload, low self-efficacy and poor time management skills.


INSEAD Insights: March 2024 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on the gender gap in start-ups, conspiracy theories, stock price predictions, improving supply chain networks and more.


How to Boost Health Product Supplies in Developing Regions

Prashant Yadav

Are development banks and philanthropic foundations using the right incentives to encourage global life sciences companies to cater to underserved markets?


How to Spot the Next Technology Breakthrough

A. Shipilov, F. Burelli

The three factors that can predict which B2C and B2B technologies are about to take off.


Chinese Automakers’ Secret to Scaling Up Electric Vehicles

Chengyi Lin

How China’s electric vehicle sector drove to the front of the pack.


Business Case for Sustainability: The Stakeholder Perspective

Atalay Atasu

If the environment were the new business stakeholder, could we still afford to ignore it?


To Bundle or Not to Bundle

Guillaume Roels

Bundling isn’t just a pricing tactic. It’s a strategic way of designing product offerings.


What 2023 Taught Us: The Rules Are Always Changing

INSEAD Knowledge

This year's top trending articles explore how we can keep pace with a world in flux.

Leadership & Organisations

OpenAI's Crisis Is Yet Another Wake-Up Call

T. Evgeniou, Y. Lechell, L. Van der Heyden

Effective governance can save AI doomers, accelerationists, altruists and techno-capitalists from themselves.