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Solving Grand Societal Challenges Through Creative Organisation Design

A. Szerb, I. Kivleniece, V. A. Aggarwal

Combining for-profit entrepreneurship with a non-profit social mission through novel organisation design can achieve scale and impact.


Crypto 3.0 Will Be More Human

Jason P. Davis

At a recent INSEAD event, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin revealed technologies to manage online identities, preserve privacy and ensure the responsible use of AI.
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Will China’s Internet Giants Conquer the World?

G. Chen, J. Li

Dissecting the success and strategies of Chinese internet firms as more of them venture overseas.


Corporate VC Is Booming, but Is It What Your Start-Up Needs?

N. Sauvage, C. Zeisberger, M. Varadan

A guide to choosing the right corporate investment for entrepreneurs.


How to Find Fulfilment by Taking a Step Down

W. Jiang, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Three stories of professionals who bucked the trend and found greater meaning in their work life.
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Leadership & Organisations

Finding Meaning in Life

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Create a compelling self-narrative based on the five pillars that influence the way we experience meaning.
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Why the Customer Isn’t Always Right

Alixandra Barasch

Consumer behaviour on food-logging tools reveals initial expectations don’t match actual experience.


Venture Capital Crucial to Push for ‘Ethical’ AI and Tech Standards

T. Evgeniou, C. Zeisberger

Venture capitalists’ role as funding source and mentor of tech start-ups makes them uniquely placed to press for more responsible use of technology.


Escaping the Survival Trap

Martin Gargiulo

Why expanding your network is crucial for long-term creative success.


The Start-Up Blind Spot That Trips New Ventures

Phanish Puranam

Having a great business plan is not enough. Start-ups also need good organisation design.


A Foot in the Door: Strategies to Connect With Investors

Balagopal Vissa

Even modestly connected entrepreneurs are six times more likely to succeed in accessing early-stage investors – if they push the right buttons.


What to Do With Contrarians?

H. Piezunka, V. Aggarwal, H. Posen

Even when they are wrong, those who think differently add value to an organisation.
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The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2021

Bruno Lanvin

Tracking innovation around the globe in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.


How Entrepreneurs Solve the Big Fish vs. Big Pond Dilemma

Henning Piezunka

Collaboration with a partner is not strictly a two-way affair; instead, prospective partners take the entire competitive landscape into account when forming ties.


The Hidden Hazards of Smart Device Medical Advice

B. Babic, T. Evgeniou, S. Gerke, G. Cohen

Diagnostic mobile medical apps call for increased regulatory intervention, even if they do not dispense advice or treatment.