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Chinese Automakers’ Secret to Scaling Up Electric Vehicles

Chengyi Lin

How China’s electric vehicle sector drove to the front of the pack.


Mastering Value Chain Placement for Deep Tech Venture Success

Bill Magill

A guide to optimising your place in the chain and aligning to market power dynamics.


What Female Artists Can Do About Discrimination

Henrich Greve

Participation in residency programmes and access to elite education can enhance the opportunities available to women artists.


How Overconfidence Affects CEOs’ Investment Decisions

Guoli Chen

In uncertain climates, overconfident CEOs tend to invest less in assets that allow a firm to maintain strategic flexibility compared to non-overconfident CEOs.


AI Is Coming for All Our Jobs... Or Is It?

Rachel Eva Lim

How leaders, employees and organisations can better prepare themselves for the impact of AI.


How to Destigmatise Repulsive Products

S. Harrison, S. Nurmohamed

Entrepreneurs can leverage “dirty creativity” to pitch unusual products that consumers may find objectionable.


ESG Is Not Impact

Jasjit Singh

ESG efforts are essential for reducing harm, but it is not the same as striving for a net positive impact.


The Making of Start-Up Ecosystems

Chiara Spina

Strategies to nurture thriving hubs for new ventures.


INSEAD Insights: September 2023 Research Picks

Lily Fang

Recent findings on online marketplace dynamics, new market creation, trust in AI, diversity in corporate boards and consumer choices.


How Founding Conditions Impact Start-Up Success

D. C. Motley, C. E. Eesley, W. W. Koo

Diverse founding teams formed in unpredictable environments tend to perform better in similar subsequent conditions.


Pursuing Purpose After Early Retirement

W. Jiang, C. Harbour, A. Tirard

Individuals who achieve financial independence seek greater purpose and meaningful work to enrich their lives.


The Psychological Strategies of Influencers

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

Understanding the psychology behind why influencer marketing works.
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What All Tech Start-Ups Need to Succeed

T. Evgeniou, L. Van der Heyden, Y. Lechelle

Governance exists to help tech entrepreneurs prevent value destruction from day one.


The Power of Governance for Tech Start-Up Success

T. Evgeniou, L. Van der Heyden, Y. Lechelle

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur on why good governance is crucial for tech start-ups to succeed.


Local Innovation as a Driver of Global Development

Prashant Yadav

To achieve critical development goals, we need to champion local, innovative solutions to social problems.