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The World Economy in 2024: Are We Back on Track?

The World Economy in 2024: Are We Back on Track?

Professor Antonio Fatás explores the long and short-term trends shaping the global economic landscape.

2023 defied expectations, proving that the global economy is more resilient than we anticipated. Despite much pessimism, there was no global recession, hyperinflation remained a distant threat and the Great Resignation subsided. So, what surprises does 2024 have in store?

In this Lifelong Learning webinar, INSEAD Professor of Economics Antonio Fatás outlines the shift of economic power from advanced economies to emerging markets, particularly emerging Asia. He further analyses the drivers of economic growth, including demographics, labour market dynamics and productivity.

Touching on the geopolitical landscape, Fatás discusses both the possibility of decoupling between regions and the dominance of the US dollar. He then zooms in on the short-term issues, addressing concerns about inflation, interest rates and government debt.

While Fatás remains cautiously optimistic for 2024, he warns against underestimating multiple challenges, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to climate-related disasters, which could impact emerging markets. He urges a balanced outlook, considering both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.

Watch the full webinar, moderated by Frans Blom, President of the INSEAD Alumni Association:

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Anand Mathur

Anand Mathur

07/02/2024, 07.20 pm

A very interesting interview. Thank you. The slide on Dollar as a dominating reserve currency seems incomplete without Gold being included in the projections. We are seeing several economies stocking up on gold. The increase in gold as a reserve may give a truer idea of the faith of countries in Gold as a reserve. At least the trend in that is interesting.

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